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Since you guys were asking for a racier chapter, your wish is my command

Guys fyi I'm not really good at this content
It's my first time, so I hope I gave it justice at least

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WARNING : 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 R18 content 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


M: Now, are u ready for your prize?

(And just like that, Sam's eyes changed from her cloudy ones to feral ones
Her pupils dilated as if on cue to my desires, and that made me smirk

Seeing my effect on her
Seeing her matching my desires is the greatest motivation to continue
I will devour you Sam!
God! you look so yummy!

I pressed my body closer, feeling her heartbeat in mine
Then i stared at her eyes seeing passion, lust, and love and knew. Today, I will not be able to let her go hahaha
I licked my lips in anticipation and watched as she forced back a groan)

S: y-yes

(She answered shortly. Her eyes never left mine. Asking. Calling. Begging)

M: What do u want baby?

S: I want u Mon...
I want u so badly

M: hmmm...
U want me?
Then come and have me Sam
No one's stopping you

(Sam snapped. OH SHIT! She fucking snapped!
She moved so fast
She gripped my waist, pulled me hard toward her, and kissed me fully and deeply
She nipped and bit my lower lip, I tasted blood

She stopped for a moment and licked her lips, shit! That was so sexy!
She then pulled me back toward her for another passionate and powerful kiss

She was pouring all her frustrations, her desires and lust into the kiss, and she tasted so sinful! I missed this! I really really missed this!
Thank God it's finally happening!
I thought I'd die of frustration waiting for this khun snail to make a move!

Then, just on cue, her teasing tongue had replaced her bites, her kisses getting more and more sloppy.
I think both of us stopped breathing because now I can feel the burning in my lungs
If I don't breathe now, I will surely pass out!
Yet, Sam wasn't having it!
I tried to slowly push her chest to let her know I needed a break and she isn't relenting.
She was skillfully using her tongue to coerce me to let her in, creating a wonderful need to give in and let her consume me

So I did
Knowing full well that I was a willing victim!

I opened my mouth ever so slightly for her, and she entered right away

She plunged her tongue and played with my entire barely non existent willpower

We were struggling for control

Our tongues fighting for dominance, that both of us were so desperately holding on to

Until the sounds of our sloppy kisses and our moans were the only sounds that could be heard in the room... our need slowly replacing the usual silence

The atmosphere is so tense, but we loved it

We were living for the suspense, the thrill, the excitement, and even the frustration

Then, without me noticing, she flipped us over and was now hovering above me

I smiled at her

She looked amazing!
I reached out my hands to tuck the locks of her hair that are now in shambles

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