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When Sam was finally satisfied with her outfit, wanting to get Mon's opinion about her outfit, she called for Mon, but even after waiting for a while, she heard no response

It didn't bother her at first, simply thinking that Mon may have not heard her, after all their house was big

Sam tried calling Mon's phone, but it was dead.

Why does this feel so familiar? Hmmm...

Giving up on waiting for Mon, she came down the stairs and found it strangely empty

She tried calling for Mon again, but it was still to no avail.
Sam was finding everything a little suspicious now... hmmmm...

Just what is Mon up to again?

S: Mon?

(Still nothing. She looked around to find any of their staff to ask for Mon's whereabouts but oddly found that she couldn't find anyone anywhere. Not even her bodyguards.

This had never happened before
This is weird

Left with no choice, she carefully explored on her own.

She checked the entertainment room first, since that's Mon's favorite spot, but even without stepping in, she immediately knew she wasn't there.

The lights were out, and it was too quiet.
There were no signs of Mon ever entering, so she turned back and proceeded to check the garage.

Sam, thinking maybe Mon was already waiting for her by the car, had hurriedly come, but again frowned when it was devoid of any traces of Mon.

This left Sam even more confused.

The one silver lining was... all the cars were still there, so unless Mon jogged again, which is highly unlikely since they had plans to go out, hmmmm...

This would probably mean she's just around the house somewhere

Determined to get some answers, Sam went back inside and then decided to search more thoroughly.

This proved to be the right decision as she quickly noticed something at the corner of her eye

Unsure of what it was, she came closer, and that's when she found white tulips scattered on the floor

Sam couldn't help but smile widely at this

S: Haha, what surprise does she have for me today?


(She called again but still heard no response.

She observed her environment and searched everywhere but found no other clues.

There were no other people on sight, too, so she didn't have anyone to ask.

Thinking that there was no other choice, she decided to follow the trail of flowers in the hopes of getting to the bottom of this charade and finding her surprise.

She continued to follow the petals until she was brought to their backyard

She was still busily following the trail that she failed to realize that she was already outside

Not before long, Sam could finally hear someone, and it turned out to be faint chuckles

Confused, she turned toward the sound and was surprised to find the gang in one corner smiling at her

Sam was baffled.

What are they doing here? And why were they laughing?

Wait! We're they laughing at me?
That can't be right?

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