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I'm sorry sunshine  by Cloudslywery
I'm sorry sunshine by Stvrlightt
"Bye!"- Kornkamon Fovert "I'm sorry, sunshine. Let's sleep together." - Samanan Anantrakul
Married with that woman by Cloudslywery
Married with that womanby Stvrlightt
Becky is indeed an illegitimate child,but should she be betrayed by her family and made a surrogate wife? Becky will marry a cripple woman for her stepsister! Freen Saro...
Everything To Lose ( FreenxBecky) by _uh_what
Everything To Lose ( FreenxBecky)by No thanks
Not my story. Converted for our escape. All credits goes to the author.
A FreenBecky story where in Freen is betrayed by her Ex - Girlfriend and own brother then met her UNEXPECTED Trigger warning⚠️🔞 Girl P*n*s Matured content Read at your...
Married to Miss Temperamental  by Petalpage
Married to Miss Temperamental by Petalpage
" Sometimes, the saddest endings are the ones we never saw coming." - Becky
The real taste of Hell by ulanmercado
The real taste of Hellby ulan mercado
what will happen if you meet the person who make you who you are today and ruined your life before are you going to thank that person or you will revange and give the pu...
Gap to No Gap  by artwomyn
Gap to No Gap by Rimpa Debnath
*****Disclaimer **** this is a fan fiction... real charecters and people are not involved with any of this story. I wrote this story from imagination because I love fre...
DEVIL 👿 UNDER THE MASK  by freenbeckystan10
DEVIL 👿 UNDER THE MASK by freenbeckystan10
A story unleashing the secret behind the kind looking professor about her darkest obsession with her favourite student.........
The Love We Failed To Unfold [COMPLETED] by Petalpage
The Love We Failed To Unfold [ Petalpage
"I want you back Bec." Rebecca paused and smiled bitterly. "Why would you want me back when I was never yours in the first place?"
Give me your forever by Mayaandcarina334
Give me your foreverby Andrea
Rebecca Armstrong and Freen Sarocha are co stars. They adore each other and have an unbelievable chemestry inside and out of cameras. But they insist in say that they're...
Unexpected  by BasicMind
Unexpected by Imagination is My limitations
I dont want to spoil you 😂😁 Sorry for the grammatically wrong love lot 💞💞 🔞💦 Read with your own risk😅
GAP : The Rain  by emotionalbadbitch
GAP : The Rain by 𝐄𝐔𝐊𝐈𝐄 ★
Sam G!P x Mon "Everything will be okay." "Khun Sam, i'm sleepy." "Don't drift to sleep yet." Alternate Universe of 'Gap The Series' where h...
When The Chime Sings (MonSam AU) by NotExotic
When The Chime Sings (MonSam AU)by NotExotic
"Mon, please. This is the only solution we could think of to save ourselves, it is a wonder that they even consider it. Please Mon, please marry their granddaughter...
She is Homophobic [GxG] by vivaciousgeek
She is Homophobic [GxG]by deshu
She's cute. She's smart. She's rich. She's everyone's dream. But she's homophobic. Argh! Note: This is Fiction. If you don't know what fiction is, leave.
a wife (Intersex) by MarinethBabor3
a wife (Intersex)by whatever
[PROLOGUE]: I choose you because I love you but I didn't know that choosing you would be my biggest mistake but at the same time the mistake that I will always choose an...
That's the way I love you by bimbo296
That's the way I love youby bimbo296
Becky's life takes a tumultuous turn when she discovers the painful truth about her boyfriend, Nop - he had betrayed her trust and cheated on her with another woman. Hea...
The beginning of forever by GL0005
The beginning of foreverby Maria Gillie Ann Lucero
Freen Sarocha Chankimha, the magnetic force on campus, effortlessly weaves intelligence, charm, and talent into her captivating persona. As the heiress to the Chankimha...
My Badass Girl by Cloudslywery
My Badass Girlby Stvrlightt
She was rude, arrogant, aggressive, ruthless and dominating mafia, a frightening woman. The whole world was under her feet. Nobody had ever dared to disobey her expect o...
Regrets by atlantis_04
Regretsby atlantis_04
"It was when I saw you in somenone else's arms that I came to realize what I've lost and how big of a coward I am" This is a short FreenBecky fiction that will...
She's not mine by AileenDelacruz912
She's not mineby Aileen Delacruz
Becky has feelings for Freen, but she's scared to confess ... Becky doesn't want to risk her friendship with Freen , for someone who has a secret boyfriend for someone w...