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Author notes:

I'm sorry guys if my release was delayed. Writing the next chapters is honestly hard...

I know it is gloomy at this point, but that is the reason why I made chapter 1 in that style.

Though I felt like it took away some mystery out of the entire storyline but I wanted to let u know that the pain is ending

Healing takes time guys and these gloomy and sad chapters are necessary



There are no words to express how painful it was to hear Mon's explanation.

Seeing her breaking down was killing me

Knowing I caused it, was even worse

But u know what broke me the worst?

It was the fact that I was oblivious to all her pain.

I let the love of my life suffer alone!

This was after I had vowed to treat her right!

I promised, I would never hurt her again!

Yet all this time, i unknowingly did!

Can it get any worse than that?

How about the fact that all this time, I blamed her!

I can't believe I actually blamed her!

What have I done?!

I ruined both of our lives!

It was my fault all along!

What else do u have to say for yourself Sam?!

This isn't fucking funny!!!

Yes, she had gotten me!
Her sentence summarized all that had gone wrong in my life!

I was stupid! So so stupid!

I felt like I was stabbed, chewed and spit out in the middle of nowhere!

I was fucking miserable!!!

Then she blamed me and said that I claimed to have known her the best in the world, but I was so easily fooled by her lie!

Haha ha ha ha

Yes, Sam.

That really was the gist of it all

You are so fucking pathetic!

How stupid were u not to see the signs?!

How stupid were u to let it all go?

Admit it or not, Sam,
U knew something was wrong!

U knew she was hiding something from u!

U knew that her suddenly asking to leave, with the claims of wanting to pursue further studies, was bullshit!

This was Mon for crying out loud!

The same Mon who called u saying she missed you after spending a couple of hours a way from you!

The same Mon who chose to live with you despite her parents pleading her otherwise!

The same Mon who was as clingy as a cat!

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