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Mon's POV

What just happened?

Did I really hear it right?

Did Sam really say she had enough?

Did she say she wasn't waiting for me anymore?

But why??

I don't understand!
I thought she loved me!

Didn't everybody always tell me how Sam can't live without me?

Even Sam had said that I was her life multiple times, in fact!

And now suddenly she said she was no longer waiting for me?

We were so happy a couple of hours ago
So what went wrong?

Did I really push her too hard?

Was I too selfish?

Was I too unreasonable when I asked her to wait for me?

Am I not worth waiting for anymore?

Did she have a change of heart and realize she deserved better?

I found myself sinking in the sand by the beach, alone, wallowing in shame, doubt, and self-pity

No! NO! No!
Sam wouldn't do that to me, right?!
She was just joking, right?!

But what if she is really serious this time?!

Could I really live without Sam?

I hurried to grab my phone to call the only person I know could help me

Surely Ray would have the answers, right?

He would tell me that I was hallucinating!

He would tell me that none of this was true!

Yes! Yes! That was it!
I need Ray!
He will surely know how to fix this!
Let's call Ray!

My hands were shaking, and my tears were falling nonstop, holding my breath, I unconsciously waitied for the phone to ring

I just pray that he's still nearby

Please! please Ray! I need you! Please pick up!

Ray left even before the party even started, so I'm not sure where he is right now

I didn't know why he left so early too

Uhm well, I knew

I also know that I'm a mess, but at this point, I just don't care.

I bemused myself saying if he didn't pick up, i could always call Yuki, but I flinched, knowing that wasn't true.

If I told my best friend, she would ask way too many questions.

We haven't really kept in touch as much as I liked when I came to the US

In fact, she hadn't kept in touch at all

Thinking about it now, she also asked herself why

but was disappointed when she couldn't find the answers even if she insistently went to seek it.

She had her excuses but none of them sounded good when she said it out loud.

She was busy

She had too much to carry and didn't want to burden her

Yuki was busy too with her career and with Tee

The time difference between Thailand and the US

Shaking her head and silently cursing herself for her negligence, she made up her mind to do better moving forward.

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