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BTS part 2

Y: Guess who's in BOSTON?

M: No way! No way!!! Are you here already?
But... Why? It's only July?

Y: Me and Tee decided it's time for a vacation! I'm so happy!

M: Vacation or honeymoon? Hahaha

Y: ohh, so you really wanna go there, Mon?

M: uhhh noooo! I missed you, bestie!
When are the rest coming?

Y: Hmmm... I think Kade's coming the first week of August, Jim will be following us soon

M: What? Like, how soon?
She just gave birth for crying out loud! I was already guilty to be taking her away from her baby!

Y: Sis chill! You know, Jim. She has to come! And please, Mon, Jim gave birth like 8 months ago.
The girl needs a vacation

M: i know! But seriously, what about her daughter?

Y: Her daughter and son are going to live on Mon
To be honest, we haven't really talked about her plans
I'm not sure if she's bringing her family with her or not, but knowing her, she'll take any chance she could get to play single again, hahaha

M: Ugh! I really don't know how to feel about that

Y: You're overthinking again, Mon
She's grown woman
She makes her own decisions

M: i know... But

Y: Mon... for once in your life, stop overthinking
Aren't u stressed enough as it is?

M: Hmm... the ring is here, but I'm freaking out, I'm not sure if Sam will like it

Y: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!
I have to see it, Mon!!! Please!!!

M: Yuk, it's too risky.
As I've said, Sam can't see you guys here
She might figure everything out, and I'd really really hate that!
I will definitely be miserable!
I mean, prepared so hard for this!
GOD! Sam will say yes, right?!
She won't say no to forever with me, right?!

Y: Ok, Mon! Mon! Listen to me...
Mon, I know it's normal to freak out, but this is really stupid, u know?
Anybody can see how much Sam loves you! Well, actually, it's grown to obsession Mon
Do u really think she is capable of turning a lifetime with u down?
She will most definitely cry tears of joy, trust me

M: But... but... I don't want my ChamCham crying

(Mon unconsciously pouted, and if Yuki and the gang could see her right now, they would definitely be tempted to pinch her cheeks.

They didn't see this adorable scene, but Dr. Miller did.

He was lost in Mon's cuteness and found himself dazed. Then it sinked in...

He will never have this woman.

He knew... he always knew, but God, it still hurt!

How painful was it to have found the person you consider the one, and then look at her being so in love with somebody else.

What a great thought to ruin a life, huh?

He shook his head left and right,  thinking to himself, he will surely need therapy after all is said and done.
He can only give a sad smile for the happiness of his cousin, wishing for the hurt in his heart to go numb)

Y: Mon, seriously! Stop feeding me dog food! We need to meet! I need to see the ring!

M: Yuk, I'm sorry, I just can't.
I'll send you a picture, ok?
You'll see the real one when it's time

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