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M: hey Sam want to go on a date with me?

S: Let's go! Where do u want to go Mon?

M: I don't know.
Anywhere with you Sam.
U decide. Surprise me

S: ok! I won't let u down Mon!
Let's leave in an hour's time
That would be enough for u to prepare right?

M: haha Sam, u might have forgotten but I'm not you
I don't need anything
I can even go like this

S: No, that won't do
Change into jeans and something warm and comfortable

M: jeans? Hmmm now I'm intrigued
Where exactly are we going for you to specifically require me to be in jeans Sam?

S: s-e-c-r-e-t
You wanted to be surprised, right?
It's too late to regret now haha
Go...go and change now love

(Mon looked at Sam's proud face and laughed at her cuteness
She kissed her girlfriend's lips, intending to keep it light, but smirked when Sam tried to make the kiss deeper

She lightly pushed Sam away and whispered)

M: You can have me later

(She then quickly turned around, giggled, and left Sam baffled.

The older lady just shook her head at the antics of her lover before quickly retrieving her phone.

The line connected instantly, so she barked a set of orders and didn't wait for the response

She expected excellence from her staff and had faith in their capabilities, so she quickly went to prepare for their date too

She went to the guestroom and took a warm calming shower and soaked in the tub for a bit before doing her normal routine

Today is special!
She is taking Mon out to enjoy Boston!
This was long overdue, so she wanted it to be perfect!

She made sure to choose her outfit carefully

Mon always told her that she loved seeing her in anything. That was true because she haven't found an outfit that she couldn't carry yet, but she wanted to make Mon feel extra special so she sneaked into their room and took one of Mon's white and pink sweater, then paired it with some black skinny jeans and white tennis shoes
Her outfit was perfect!

She hardly did her makeup today
Just some eyeliner and her red lipstick then sprayed the Dior perfume that Mon goes crazy for. She did one final check and nodded at the reflection she saw in the mirror.


When the clock struck 10 am, she went down to find Mon already waiting for her in the coach

S: Somebody's excited

M: nuh, someone just took their time

S: Isn't it worth it though?
(She gestured to her outfit and then did a slow twirl so Mon could appreciate her outfit fully)

M: Love, I really wonder why you bother trying so hard
You can wear a hoodie for all I care and you'd still be hot

S: haha I know but I wanted to make an effort today since I'm taking you out.
I can't have others look at you! Hmph!

M: ah-huh... so you planned to overshadow me then so no one would notice me?

S: Mon, the attention I give you is more than enough to drown you, u don't need anyone else's

M: hmmm... I don't know if I'm ok with this
I think I should change too
I can't be your shadow can I?

S: Mon, you can never be my shadow
You're my better half!
Come on! Let's go! You look perfect today!
Well, you are always perfect Mon!
Thank u for choosing me!

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