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J: Earth to Sam!
You aren't going to make us stand here the entire night, right?

S: No, you can leave now.
Mon and I need some privacy

J: Seriously?! You're so heartless!
You're just going to throw us away after coming all the way here and preparing these for you?!

S: What exactly did you do?

J: Hmph! We helped Mon, of course!
We finalized the venue while she was freaking out.
She was scared you would say no and was almost hyperventilating

(Sam took my hands and held my cheek.
She then looked deep into my eyes and held me hostage)

S:Did you really think I would say no, Mon?

(Caught off guard by the question, I froze.
Seeing that I didn't answer, Sam then moved her hand softly and caressed my cheek whilst continuing to look into my eyes)

S: Did you really think I was capable of saying no to you, Mon?

M: I... i hoped you would say yes

S: But you thought that i might say no

M: it's just... it's not the right time
I haven't reached anything yet
I'm still studying for my doctorate
I'm still not good enough for you, Sam

(Sam raised my hands and placed it on her cheeks
She then slowly kissed me and hugged me)

S: Mon, you have always been enough
You were always more than enough Mon
You don't need a doctorate to tell you that

M: I know you always say that, but Sam...

S: Mon, look at me
I'm just your ChamCham, Mon

I don't care how the world sees me. That's not me

I'm just your ChamCham, and for me, my MonMon is more than good enough

You are everything and more Mon
Nothing else matters...
Not my title,
not my degree,
not my money
nor my face
Not all of my accomplishments and success

None of those mattered more to me than your love for me Mon

From the start, you were looking at things differently

While you were out chasing for a degree that you didn't need...

I was out chasing you and your present with me Mon
I just wanted to be with you
I know, I know being with me is not easy
It would never be easy
You would get judged a lot and there may be times when it would slip through your insecurities...
But Mon, the Sam that the world sees is not the Sam I want to be

I just want to be happy Mon and you are my happiness

Please don't think for a single minute that I deserve someone better
You're IT Mon.
You're my forever.
Do you understand?

(Mon was crying uncontrollably. She was incredibly touched by what Sam said.
She knew that no matter what she just couldn't turn away from this woman.
She was her world. Her everything.
What she said validated her existence

She was damn right! She was insecure!
She was insecure

When she looked at their house, she could feel the massive gap between her and Sam

When she sees her accomplishments, she felt so small

She felt embarrassed staying by her side
She always knew she was not good enough!

But if Sam is happy to have me just the way I am

If she tells me I am good enough, then I am good enough

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