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Doc: Mon, I would like to be honest with u. Sam is not improving.
Our current treatment isn't working on her

M: What do u mean, doc?
She's obviously better!
She's smiling again!
She looks so much better, how could she be not okay?

Doc: U know her better than I do, Mon.
Do u really think she is better?

(Mon was devastated! She didn't want to admit it! In fact, she always knew that the treatment wasn't working, but she couldn't make herself admit it because it makes everything more real! She didn't want to give up on Sam!
There definitely is a way to make her better!
Why did it even reach this point?! She didn't understand!
She was trying to wrack her brains to see what went wrong with the treatment!
Sam never missed a single one!
They were doing sessions everyday!
They never skipped no matter how busy or exhausted they were!
Sam and her was fighting!
They were doing all that they can to get better!
She was improving fine, but how come Sam didn't?

She was biting her lips and clenching her fist so tightly that it worried the doctor that it may negatively affect her recovery, too.

Doc: Mon, I know we talked about this before, and we tried our best to think of other alternatives and other treatment plans, but Mon, none of it is working.
Taking in anti depressants and mood stabilizers wouldn't make Sam be classified as crazy

M: Sam would never accept it!
Dragging her here was done after so much begging and pleading!
I even had to cry and guilt trip her for days just to make her agree to try and come here!
It wouldn't work again!

Doc: Then, how about checking Sam into a treatment facility?

M: No!!! That should never even be considered!
I refuse to leave Sam inside an asylum!

Doc: Mon, depression is a medical disorder
No one will judge her for seeking out treatment

M: No! U don't understand!
Sam is royalty!
She is a CEO!
Even if her stocks don't plummet, her pride would never allow her to accept such a weakness!

Doc: Mon, depression is an illness. It's not a weakness

M: For people like Sam, it is the worst kind of weakness!
Sam has been taught and trained her whole life, not to show any type of weakness!
She is used to hiding all her emotions!she barely even manages to be honest with me!
Now u want me to betray her and leave her in an asylum?!
I would never do that!

Doc: Mon, plenty of socialites, politicians, celebrities, and other high profile professions go to high-class mental institutions for treatment
Nobody really even calls it an asylum anymore. People call it a wellness facility. Another option would be rehab

M: rehab?! Sam is not an addict! How could u put her in rehab?!

Doc: Rehab is best associated with drug and alcohol use but could facilitate treatment and support for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions

M: doc I know u mean well, but I refuse!
I will not change my mind!
I refuse to let Sam rot in some facility alone!
We will fix this together!
Let's think of other ways!

Doc: drugs or the facility Mon
Those are our only 2 options left
We have given Sam enough time and chances, but she refuses to cooperate.
We couldn't help her if she isn't willing to talk on Mon. U know this. We have set your expectations
Deep down in your heart. U knew this was coming, right?

(Mon couldn't answer.
She bowed her head in defeat, knowing that the doctor was right.
Asking this of Sam would kill her
For Sam, pride was her everything
She wouldn't lay it down for anything!)

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