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R: What's wrong, Mon?

M: Nothing. Why do I need to have something wrong with me to visit a friend?

R: When your friend is also your psychiatrist who also so happened to have previously confessed their undying love to you but was bitterly rejected? Ah-huh definitely something is up.

M: I hate you! You're a smart ass you know that, right?

R: Haha, and yet here you are coming to my house in the middle of the night.

U didn't even bother knocking and just used the spare key I left, especially for you

Mon, you have to be careful. I am still a man, you know? Plus, might I just add that I am still in love with you. You don't know what I am capable of doing

What were u thinking coming here alone in the middle of the night like this?

M: Ray...

R: What? I'm just reminding you.
You're way too careless, Mon

Don't trust people too easily, okay?
I'm seriously worried that u might get sold someday and be shipped to the middle of nowhere without even knowing about it until it's too late. Mon

M: You're so dramatic, Ray
That would never happen
Sam always has a trail on me all the time. Everything is under her control

R: Haha, that is so Sam, hahaha
But Mon, I'm serious, ok?
I know Sam protects you, but u can't be too complacent, ok?
You have to develop your danger triggers. You can't just be over reliant on her.

R: I know Ray. I'm good
Besides, if I can't trust u Ray, then who can I even trust?
And as you've said, you do love me.
You won't hurt me, Ray.
I know you won't

R: hahahaha! You really are mean, Mon. U know that, right?
You're seriously putting me in my place, huh? Tsk!
Sigh, what did I do in my previous life to be punished like this tsk tsk!

M: Hey! I'm not that bad!
Aren't I kind to you? And be careful how you answer me RAYMOND MILLER

R: Yikes! The big guns are out, huh?
You've used my full name to get a flattering response, hahahha

But to answer you
No, Mon. You're not that bad
In fact, you're perfect, and that's exactly the problem

(Mon put a sad smile on her face and grabbed a bottle of wine from the chiller)

M: U want some? (She asked smiling)

R: OH wow! You feel so at home in my house, huh? You're even offering me to drink my own wine, hahaha

What a great host you are Mon!
How about u ditch Sam and marry me instead?
What do u say?
Want to marry me and make it real, Mon? Hahaha

(Another sad smile. She then proceeded to take out 2 wine glasses and filled it to the rim. She took a big gulp and almost downed the entire glass)

R: woah woah!!! Slow down, Mon.
That wine is pretty strong!

(Mon's cheek had already turned pink, and she showed a toothy smile)

M: Just what I needed then

(Mon was already done with her glass and was now trying to drink the other glass she originally prepared for Ray. When Ray quickly took it away from her along with the bottle she was holding)

R: I thought this was for me? It's too late to take it back now, haha
Okay! Shoot! I'm all ears! Today's special. There is no time limit and no charge, so you better take advantage of my kindness and talk, hahaha

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