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* Not suitable for Minors
Read at your own risk *


Jim came over to Mon and handed her another box

S: Is this your gift?

J: I contributed to the plane like everybody else.
This is just a special add-on gift!

S: Why am I scared to open it?

J: Don't open it now. It's best to open it when everybody's gone

M: Why?

(Jim winked at Mon, then whispered)

J: I trust that you'll put it to good use, Mon.
Enjoy 😘

(After the party, Sam sent even the servants off. She declared that nobody would step foot in this home until tomorrow noon. Is that understood?

The guards vehemently denied her request saying that somebody needs to stay for their safety to which Sam authoritatively ordered for them to stay outside the house if they needed to protect them but nobody should be allowed to come near the house

At that moment, the servants shook their heads. Everybody was thinking that their boss had nothing to hide.
This isn't really the first time that they'll hear their lovemaking, nor would it be the last, so they didn't understand why it was now suddenly supposed to be kept a secret.

Upstairs in their bedroom, Sam and Mon were looking at the box that Jim had gifted them)

M: Sam, should I open it?

S: Why do I feel like this is not a good idea, Mon?

M: Maybe because it's from Jim?

S: But you're gonna ask me to still open it anyway, right?

(Mon just nodded. Sam slowly opened the box and took a peak but she couldn't understand what she had just seen.
Mon, who was also curious about the gift, also leaned in to peak
Then both of them looked at each other confused)

S: Mon, do you know what this is?

M: Uhm, is this something like a baton?

(Sam opened the box wider, and now the gift was in full view
Sam then held the gift in her hand and was even more confused.
She looked at Mon, who was also struggling to make sense of the gift)

S: Mon, if this is a baton, why is it this soft? And why does this have 2 heads?
Where are u even supposed to hold this?

And why would Jim give us a baton?
I know she's random, but this is beyond Jim level randomness

She said to use it well.
Did she give us a gift to smack her the next time that we see her?

I didn't know that she was such a masochist.

M: Uhm... Sam, why does it come with a belt?

(Sam and Mon looked at the black belt at the bottom of the box and gulped)

S: Is she asking me to beat her the next time we meet?

M: uhm, Sam, how about we call Jim and ask what this is for?

S: Okay, you call her and put it in loudspeaker Mon

M: Wait, why should I be the one calling her to ask?
You do it, Sam

S: We'll only end up arguing if we talk on Mon. You do it.

(Mon, seeing that Sam was really adamant in not wanting to speak to Jim, and remembering Sam's previous attitude during their wedding, decided to take the plunge and call her instead)

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