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S: Finally! Finally, the ring design that i am happy with!

You will love this Mon, right?

Now let me send it to Jason of Beverly Hills to have it done!

Just wait for me a little longer, Mon! I promise you! I will make a proposal you will never forget! Then our wedding would be even more special!
I want it in an actual castle! Only the best for my queen!

Hmmmm... I guess I need to strengthen our relationship with the UK
HMMMM.... How can I borrow their castle for a day?

Tsk tsk! We have a lot more to do, Sam! Fighting! You can do this!

S: Atty Surawayan, have u received my updated will?

A: Yes, my lady

S: Okay. Make sure to work on it asap.
Please also help me draft a prenuptial agreement. I will marry Mon soon.

A: understood. My lady.
What are your specifications?

S: If we divorce, all my assets will belong to Mon

(The atty gasped at what he had heard.
He had been an atty for 50 years and had served the Anantrakul family for multiple decades.
He had lived a long life, but he had never heard of a more bizarre contract such as this.
Deep down, he was concerned and questioned the sanity of Lady Sam)

A: My lady, that is not wise.
What you wanted has never been done before and with good reason, my lady.

It is okay to give your wife a share of your assets to guarantee her standard of living when you separate, but we can not give her everything.

My job is to make sure you make wise decisions for your embetterment, my lady
I really can not agree to this order.

S: Atty, you may have misunderstood.
I am not asking for your opinion.
I am ordering you to make this contract for me

A: Lady Sam, I have been working for your family for 4 decades now.
I have watched you grow.
I treat you as my family, too.
I beg you to reconsider your decision.
This contract is really unacceptable.

S: Atty. Do u really have that little faith in me?
Do u really think that I will let my wife divorce me?
She is mine!
She can not escape!
Not now, not ever!

This contract is simply a symbol of my dedication and will to keep her by my side forever

A: My lady Sam. I understand the depth of your devotion and love toward Ms. Kornkamon, but in everything that we do, we need to be cautious.

We can not leave it to fate to play with us.

I know you said you will never let your wife go, but some circumstances can not be predicted.

I just want to make sure you are protected.
Please do reconsider!

S: It's just money
The day Mon leaves me is the day I die, so I have no need for something as pety as money then
I'd rather Mon have it, in case anybody questions my will.

(Atty was perplexed! But in the end, he gave up. He knew that all he had done all he could.

He had known lady Sam's character.

What she had decided on can no longer be changed. Aggrieved, he proceeded to draft the contract as per lady Sam's request)


(He was ecstatic! He thought a miracle had happened, and Lady Sam would retract her order)

S: Prepare to transfer half of my assets to Mon.
That includes half the shares of the corporation, too, and all of my other liquid assets.
Make sure to account for it properly.
Prioritize that order first

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