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The proposal was amazing!
I was mindblown!
My mind was racing, thinking of the future of me and Mon

I wanted to marry her right then and there if I could!

But then I knew Mon deserved better than a hasty on the spot marriage, so I fret. Stuck between wanting to speed things up and taking my time to make everything perfect.

Tsk! I made up my mind to call the best wedding organizers in the world!

I don't care if u had to pay them 10 times their rate, as long they are able to make Mon happy, then that's well worth it!

Obviously, it would be directly implied that I need the wedding to be organized as soon as possible!

I am paying them 10 times the rate after all, so I expect them to forgo everything, including their sleep out the window.

Our wedding has to take priority over everything else.

I am a businesswoman, after all
I always get what I pay for.
I can never swallow a loss.

I'll make sure to include that on their contracts.
They could take it or leave it.
Who would even have the guts to say no to me or my money, though?

I have never accepted NO as an answer before, and I'm sure I wouldn't start now.

People's greed is a powerful tool and would often lead to one's demise

For people like me who have an almost infinite cash flow, their greed has always been a sword I wield.

But wait, what happens to my planned proposal then if we're already planning to get married soon?

It would be awkward to propose when we are already planning for the wedding, but if I waited, it would be even more awkward and weird to propose to her when we have just gotten married

Ugh! This is annoying!

Should I just not propose then?

Tsk! No! Not proposing will make it even worse!
Mon deserves an awesome over the top proposal!

While my thoughts were running a thousand miles a minute, though, I heard someone asking Mon when the wedding would be

I wasn't able to check who asked the question, but I immediately perked up and listened, excited to hear about Mon's plans for us.

I expected Mon to say as soon as possible and I couldn't stop myself from smiling thinking about our upcoming wedding.

But then I heard her say that we haven't talked about yet and my smile dropped.

That sounded bad.

I just misheard her, right?

No, I didn't mishear! She was serious!
Mon was seriously evading the question!!!

Was Mon not ready yet?!

But I mean, that can't be true, right?
she proposed!
No one forced her to propose, but she still did. So she can't be not ready, right?

I must be overthinking it!
Surely I misunderstood her!

Mon probably just wants to ask my opinion first
She didn't want to make me feel excluded in our wedding plans, that's why she didn't want to answer.
Yes, that's it!

Chill Sam. It's no big deal
You and Mon will talk about it later.
I'm sure if you sat down for a talk and told her that you wanted to get married right away, she'd be ecstatic!

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