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M: Ray...
(Mon hearing Ray, quickly hugged him)

R: I'm here, Mon
It's okay
Everything going to be okay
I promise

M: No, it wouldn't!

I messed up Ray!
I messed up really badly!

I'm losing my ChamCham, and I dont know how I would be able to live without her!

(Mon said in between sobs and hiccups)

R: That's not true, Mon

You would never lose, Sam!

You know Sam would never leave you!

M: You didn't see her Ray!

This time, she was really serious!
I could tell!

She will really go through with it this time!

If I don't give in, she will really leave me, Ray!

I know she would, and I don't know what to do!

R: What happened?

(Mon gathered herself as much as she could and relayed as much of the story as she could)

R: Then what's the issue?
You know what u have to do to keep your girl, right?

M: It's not that simple.

R: No, Mon. It is that simple.

You just have to marry her
What's the big deal?

Isn't it what u wanted?

After all you just proposed to her

M: But...

R: But what?

M: I don't want to marry her now
At least not yet

I just asked for more time, yet she took it as if I was delaying it on purpose!

R: Aren't u, though?

Do you really want to marry Sam, Mon?

M: I guess?

I mean, I knew I always knew that Sam was the one for me

The only reason why I was asking for more time was so that I could catch up to her, right?

R: I guess, huh?


Was that really all there was, Mon?

M: No, I just used the wrong word!

I know I want to marry Sam!

Just... just not right now!

R: You know you're only making excuses, right?

You can't even make yourself believe in those half assed lies you're spouting

Sam knows that, too.
That's why I think she's pushing you so hard to stop all this drama Mon

Think... i want you to think long and hard about this Mon

What is really the problem with marrying the love of your life?

Someone who loves you completely and wholeheartedly...

Someone whom you are willing to die for is definitely someone worth your all right?

Or are you having doubts about wanting a future with Sam?

M: No! I never had any doubts!

I know I want Sam!

I would only ever want Sam in my life!

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