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S: Why are u doing this to me, Mon?
I thought you were on my side?!
Why are u making everything so complicated!
You're making me miserable, Mon!
Why won't u trust me?!
Why are u siding with them?!
I told you I don't need it, so why are u forcing me!
You're choosing their opinion over my wishes, Mon!
You've changed!

(Mon slowly looked up and let go of my slacks. She's almost devoid of emotions, and it's scaring me)

M: Is your pride and ego that important to you, Sam?

(Her aura changed. For a minute, I was questioning if she was the same Mon who was kneeling and begging a couple of moments ago.
The Mon I am looking at right now looks so cold. She's too cold.
It's making my skin shiver.
I could hear the sarcasm in her voice, but other than that, there was nothing else, not even pain nor a hint of blame, and that worries me the most)

S: Mon, you would never understand!
I am an Anantrakul!
I have an image to maintain!
If word ever gets out that I am sick!
That I am taking drugs, what would happen to me? To the company?
I have tens and thousands of people under my employ Mon!
If the company collapses, what would I say to their family's then?!
Why can't u understand me?!
Why can't u stay on my side?!
Why are u doing this to me, Mon?!
I need you to trust and support me, Mon!
I don't need you to question me!

M: it seems that you need a lot of things from me, Sam
(She said this with a cold smile and an even colder voice. Why is it that I no longer feel Mon's usual warmth!
What's happening, Mon?
Why can't I understand?!)

S: Of course I do. You are my life and my everything, Mon! Of course I need you!
Who else would I need if I don't need you!

M: Then why is that your actions and your words never match Sam?
You say you love me
You say I'm your everything.
But when push comes to shove, i'm the first one you're willing to sacrifice!
And you know what's the worst part Sam?
In your mind, you're always the victim.

S: Mon... what are u saying?!
What do u mean sacrifice?!
When have I ever sacrificed you?!
I always put you first!
God! I gave u everything Mon!
Where is this even coming from?!

M: ok then prove it.
Put me first
Take the treatment Sam

S: Mon, why can't u understand?!
This is more than u and me Mon!
We can't be selfish!
Tens of thousands of people rely on me Mon!

M: That's the thing Sam
In my world, it has always been only you and me
I don't care what the world thinks of me!
They can call me selfish...mean...conceited! I don't care if they blame me!
Let them curse me and blame me!
They can all condemn me to hell for all I care!
But fuck it Sam! I will always put u first!

If you're always thinking about other people Sam, if you always put yourself as the last priority, then at least let me think of you and care for you!
Let me put you first!
You deserve to be someone's priority!

And if for once, you do decide in wanting to put me first too like u said u do, then fucking prove it!

You are putting me first when you put yourself first because you are my life Sam!
The first person who suffers when you do is me!
That's what u don't understand!

S: what are even saying Mon?!
For once in my life, prove that I will put u first?!
Mon I left everything behind to be with you!
I left the company I've worked so hard for!
I turned my back on my grandma for you!
I abandoned more than 10 thousand people for you!!!
Now u tell me I don't put u first?!
This is fucking ridiculous!
I can't believe you!
You always take me and what I do for you for granted!!!

M: I not am blind Sam
I know what you have given up for me and I am not taking it for granted!
I am thankful that u chose me but Sam I am telling u, u need to choose yourself too!
You really need this Sam please!
We need this so much!

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