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I was always the best friend, the buddy, the sister
For the longest time, i prayed for it to be more
I held on to hope that someday, someday, something might change

Someday, i might be the one

It has been more than 15 years
I have now just strengthened my resolve to give up
After all, Lisa will be married soon

All my life, all i prayed for was her happiness, but i think it's time that i started chasing my own now

This is goodbye, my beloved lalisa

Then, when my heart was finally at peace at letting her go, the unexpected happened

L: Jennie, i need you to fall in love with me
J: wha-aaat? But why?
L: Because i need someone who will never leave
J: Lisa, i have always loved you
I will never leave you
L: Everybody says that Kim, but nobody ever meant it
J: i do. I'll prove it to you
L: Then choose to fall in love with me. Love me and only me. Marry me and give me a family. That's the only way

How could u do this to me, Lisa?

Will i be forever stuck as the one who replaced your one that got away?

Was I really destined to be the unwanted one?


Hi loves,

I know everybody was excited for chapter 44, but sadly, it isn't ready yet.

I'm currently on a new book

JenLisa G!P

Can you please share your feedback with me if this is worth pursuing?

Sincerely yours,
Your friendly ghost author
Cha 😘

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