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Nurse Sofi: Mon, im sorry
I know u asked for a favor, but uhmmm... It was getting too loud
We were receiving complaints

(I felt my face redenned like crazy!
Now that the thick fog of lust had fully subsided, other than frustration, the only other feeling it left me is embarrassment!

God! Just what did u do Mon?!
That was reckless abandonment!
Why did u do in the hospital?!
Even if Sam is in the VIP ward with relatively fewer people, the walls still wouldn't have been thick enough to cover up the sounds that you were making!

Even if u didn't think about your reputation, u should have thought of Sam's!

What would u do if tomorrow's headline would be
"Thailand's Princess and domineering CEO found canoodling in a hospital room"

Oh God! I seriously wasn't thinking! But it wasn't entirely my fault, right?!
It was Sam's fault for being too Hot!
She wanted it, too!
Im not a saint! How could I have resisted taking her?!

Shit! Shit! Shit!
I really pray that this wouldn't show up in the papers!
I mean, the media were not allowed inside the hospital, and Sam isn't that well known in the US yet

Well, she wasn't exposed as of yet because she was trying to be relatively low-key

Diversity has started getting media attention, but no one knows that Sam came here herself to run it, so we're still safe

Once Diversity US gets fully introduced to the market, though, a press conference needs to be arranged, and Sam, being the CEO, would then get thrown into the mix of politics and business again

We need to find a solution soon because when the crazy papparazzis' catch wind of Sam being here and even more of her being sick, then that would be a different story!

Those people were like vultures who stalk their prey!
Once they find her,
They won't leave her alone!

She would have to say goodbye to the sense of normalcy that she needs for her stability

We can't risk it! Especially not now!

Sam is in a very fragile state right now! We can't allow her any potential stressors!
We can't risk her improvement!

The doctor specifically stated that Sam needs peace and quiet!

She needs to be away from the pressure and the stares and the fingers and the press!

Sam needs to be just Sam for now!

This is why, Mon, u need to be more tactful!

You need to control yourself more, Mon! For Sam!

Shit! Ugh! This is so annoying!

M: i'm sorry!
Uhmmm... I was uhmmm...
I should've known better!
I promise this won't happen again!
Can u do me another favor and keep this a secret?

Nurse Meghan: hahaha you're so cute, Mon!
we honestly didn't expect u to be so wild under that shy facade of yours hahaha

M: uhmmm... It's not a facade
Sam is just uhmm... Special
She brings out the worst in me

Meghan: worst, huh? Hahaha
Ok ok we had enough teasing
But seriously, Mon, u guys were looouuud!
We heard it all the way in the nurses' station
U really need to tone it down!
It was hot, by the way, your moaning hahhahaha

M: Geez! Stop teasing me already! Thanks for doing me a favor! I really appreciate it!
We uhmmm really needed it
Let me thank u guys by buying u dinner.
What do u guys want?

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