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S: Mon, what's wrong?
M: I just... I just wished my parents were here today.

S: Mon... (Sam went on to hug Mon tightly trying to soothe her)

M: I don't want to be sad today, Sam
It's just.... I know my dad always wanted to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.
I'm just thinking what my parents would think.
They would be so disappointed, right?

I didn't want them to feel left out, but there was no way for them to fly out in time for our wedding, and I didn't want to continue waiting

S: Shhhh... don't cry.
I know your parents would understand Mon.

M: Will they really, Sam?
They won't blame me, right?

S: I'm sorry. I know you rushed everything to comfort me, so it not your fault, okay, Mon?
It's mine.
Just blame me, okay?

M: That's not true, Sam.
It was my decision!
All of this was my decision

S: Yes, but I was the one who pressured you. Mon

M: You only did what you should
If you didn't wake me up, Sam
I don't know when we'll ever get married
You're not selfish, Sam
None of this was your fault
I just wanted to do this for you
You deserve all of this and more, Sam
I'm sorry I made you wait for so long

S: You're the only person I would ever gladly wait for Mon
Thank you for putting me out of my misery!
I'm happy you decided to marry me, Mon

I know it really wouldn't make a difference, but just in case it would make you feel better, even if it's just a tiny bit... just think of it as my fault. I don't mind, Mon.
I'd gladly take the blame

M: How could I ever do that to you, Sam?

S: Hmmm... tell you what...
How about let's call your parents so they could at least be in the wedding?

M: But it's around 530pm Sam

S: Yes, and that would make it around 730 in the morning in Thailand Mon

(Mon instantly perked up when she heard this and immediately went to hunt for her phone

She then calmed herself and called her mom)

Ring ring ring ring

M: they're not picking up Sam
(Mon said in the verge of tears)

Ring ring ring ring

(With every second of waiting, Mon's heart kept dropping.
Were her parents still asleep?
No, that can't be
They have always been early risers
So, what then?
Were they busy?
Please, please, please answer)

P: Mon?
We're so happy you called.
We missed you, princess!
How are you and Sam?

M: I missed you guys too so much!

P: What's wrong, Mon?

M: How do you do that, Mom?
How do you always know when something is wrong?

P: That's because I'm your mom
And well you have always been a bad actor Mon

(Mon chuckled at this. Shook her head and said)

M: i really did miss you, Mom and Dad

Just let me know if you want to come back to the US, okay?
We could always have it arranged.
There are enough rooms in the house for you to stay in anytime you plan to visit

(Sam snatched the phone from Mon's hand)

S: Mom, Dad

(This caught the old couple by surprise.
Though they have long adjusted to Sam and Mon being together, this was the first time that Sam had called them mom and dad
Pohn looked at her husband lost for words)

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