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S: Is she still with Raymond?

G1: Yes, my lady

S: What are they doing?

G1: Ms. Mon is having her normal sessions, my lady

S: Nothing out of the ordinary?

G1: It seems that Ms. Mon went drinking a little, my lady

S: Define a little

G1: 3 glasses of wine, my lady

S: Did he touch her?

G1: No, my lady

S: Good.
Make sure she is safe
Let me know the moment she steps out the door

G1: Understood, my lady


S: Are u having fun with my woman, Doctor Miller?

R: hahaha I was actually, but then you called and ruined the fun Sam

S: Do i sound like im in the mood for your jokes right now, Ray?

R: You were never one for jokes, Sam. Everyone knows that, so stop getting all pissy at me. I did nothing.

I even pushed her back to you, alright? Tsk, you're so ungrateful!

You should owe me another one for that
I didn't even charge her for today's session

(Sam softened after hearing it. She took a while before she responded)

S: Money is not an issue.
Send me the bill
I hate owing you

R: hahahaha you might have forgotten that I am in no way lacking money too, Sam

S: Then what is it that you want?

R: lol I want nothing.
Mon just needed someone to talk to

You pissed her off yet again, Sam

You better be thankful she has me to vent out to

S: she seems awfully attached to you, and I don't like it

R: Are u jealous, cuz?

S: Who would be jealous of your hmph!
She's mine and you know it!

R: hahaha oki, my bad, my bad!
She's yours!
You weren't jealous!
I was blind! Hahaha

But seriously, Sam, you have nothing to worry about, and you know that

I would never betray you and Mon

Not for the world

S: I know. thank you, Ray

R: Yeah, yeah. If u want to thank me, just take care of Mon, alright? You can't keep hurting her like this, Sam

S: I didn't mean to hurt her
I am trying Ray

R: I know you are Sam, but you aren't trying hard enough
You are both so stubborn!!!

You need to start your meds, Sam.
You need them ASAP!

Otherwise, you will just keep spiraling!

Don't drag Mon with you

She doesn't deserve it, Sam

S: And who does she deserve? You?

R: Tsk Sam!
If you can't keep your temper and jealousy down, Mon is really going to suffer

I love Mon
Why wouldn't I when your girl is perfect

But Sam, I've said it before, and I'll say it again

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