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(Mon didn't go home straight away like she always did that day
She needed to clear her mind, so she took the time to stroll the nearby park

She was in a daze, lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice how much time went by
Before she knew it, it was already dark, and Sam had called her 77 times
She looked at all the missed calls and grew her resolve.
Sigh, she really cannot escape this, huh?
They really needed to talk.

Knowing that she needed more time,
Mon turned off her phone and continued her walk
She ignored everything, and only when her mind was at peace did she grab a cab and went home

The moment she stepped foot into their home, Sam ran and jumped into her
The impact was so hard that they both fell to the ground

Mon knew she'd find a bruise by tomorrow, but at this point, she'd be happy to get any sort of distraction
Even if it was pain
So no. She really didn't mind being thrown to the ground and as crazy as it may sound, it ended up putting a small sad smile on her face but then when she saw Sam, she immediately pulled her smile back hurriedly and began to frown again

Sam was already in full-on panic mode
Sam was a mess for the lack of a better word. There was no other word that suited her now than a mess

She was hugging Mon so tightly that it hurt,
she was crying, bawling so loudly that it surprised even Mon

Gone was the mighty and cold CEO and was now replaced by this frail and extremely fragile baby in her arms

Seeing Sam like this made Mon feel extremely guilty

She knew Sam would worry

She knew Sam needed her, but she also knew she needed to make up her mind.

She needed to be away from Sam for a while

She was suffocating

With these thoughts in her mind, she tried to force another smile, then hugged her lover back before gently soothing her to calm down

S: M-M-Mon, I was so scared
I was so scared that something happened to you Mon! (Sam was struggling to talk in between sobs)

I was scared that you had left me!

I didn't know what to do, Mon!

U weren't answering your phone!

I didn't know where to find you!
I thought you've gotten tired of me and left me!

Please don't leave me, Mon! Please stay with me!

(She was shivering from her sobs that it broke Mon's heart listening to Sam's insecurities)

I was so close to calling the cops Mon!

Thank you!!!
Thank you for coming home, Mon!

Please don't leave me ever again!
I won't make it, Mon!
I really won't!
Please promise me Mon!
You won't leave me, right?

M: Shhh... it's ok, I'm ok, we're ok, love
Uhm, my phone's battery just died (She lied)

S: You were planning on leaving me, right?

M: No, Sam.
I was just preoccupied

S: Then why can't u look me in the eye, Mon?

(Mon was tired. She was extremely tired she felt numb, and she looked into Sam's eyes, not even trying to hide her bubbling emotions)

M: I was just preoccupied, Sam

(Sam grabbed Mon's bag and took her phone, and with a sad smile, she turned it on
She was letting more tears fall harder but was retricting her fears because she knew..  she knew Mon wasn't willing to talk, at least not right now

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