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Mon's Pov

Mon thought long and hard before responding

She knew Sam was really serious this time
She had her game face on, and well, nobody has ever beaten Sam in an argument when she was really determined to win it.

So yeah, there was simply no way around it this time

If she really declined Sam's offer, they'll go on a potentially and realistically long and drawn out fight.

They'd most assuredly say words they didn't mean and hurt each other in a fight for supremacy.

Just thinking about it is making Mon sick

She didn't want that

Not today, not ever

Fighting with Sam is so draining... so overwhelmingly exhausting

It is the last thing that they both need, but it was what they were drawn to recently, and it's driving her crazy.

She knew what she wanted, and she was insistent to have it, but she couldn't really just force Sam to concede... I mean, I could, smirking, thinking that she'd probably win too if she really tried, but that wouldn't be fair to Sam and she didn't want to push Sam too far just because she could!

Tsk! Sigh!

Looking at Sam's determined eyes, Mon just couldn't help but soften

M: Can you give me your word that nobody will know, Sam?

Could you guarantee it?

(She asked hesitantly
Mon was praying that Sam would be honest with her and tell her No,
She couldn't guarantee that nobody would know about their wedding because, let's be real.

Sam has money and power, but despite that, she couldn't really control everybody and everything like an omnipotent God despite declaring that she could

Life just doesn't work that way.

There will always be a flaw in each calculation,
An anomaly in every equation, and with our luck, I'm sure that exception will come sooner rather than later.

Plus, now that i'm thinking about it, even without external factors,
everything is bound to be a mess when she puts her plans into motion.

She needed to take over Diversity USA to give Sam more reprieve

When that happens, there would be no way in hell that people won't try to dig up everything about her.

She was sure her family, history, and background would not be spared.

Their secrets would never remain a secret for long.

Sooner or later, proofs of their relationship would resurface, and she didn't have any intention of hiding it.

She knew the feeling of being hidden and denied.

She had suffered through it for years, and she had no intention of living through those aweful memories again.

In truth, having their relationship made public is the main reason as to why she was so firm in rejecting Sam's need of assurance.

She wanted to marry Sam too, but it was not the right time.

Mon knows more than anyone that both Sam and her were not yet ready to have their lives and their issues aired for the rest of the world to exploit.

She was sure Sam knew that too, but Sam being Sam would never admit to it.

Mon knew that they had a long way ahead for their happily ever after.
If they forced it now, all roads would lead to destruction, and she hated that)

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