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It has been a week and a half since we started therapy, and today is the day that I could finally spend more time with Sam!

Sam and I will finally have a new start in our new home together!

I did say new home because her grandma insisted for us to have her house instead since it was "safer"

I didn't get what safer really meant actually, and I didn't dare ask, afraid of what the possible answer could have been

The house was renovated for our benefit and was designed like Sam's other houses

The color scheme and the overall feel were the same. The house was just relatively bigger and quieter

We had no direct neighbors.

The land directly beside this home was bought for the purpose of keeping people away and just screamed I am antisocial lol

The house was massive
It has 3 floors, excluding the basement and attic and had an indoor pool as well as a wide backyard

It had a gym, a music room, a home theater, a game room, an office, a conference room and even a library!!!

It also had a 10 car garage!

And don't even let me start telling you about the awesome view on the massive balcony that comes along with the masters bedroom!

The masters bedroom was the entire 3rd floor, and the balcony wrapped around the entire length of the house!

I could run my laps there and be done with my workout!
There was seriously no need for the gym!

It was insane!!!

The masters bedroom itself was to die for!

The walk-in closets to the left and right side of the room were done in our colors as well

Sam in gray and mine in pink

It came with state of the art enhancements, too

There was no need for us to bother with ladders to reach the upper layers as it is fully revolving! Haaaaah! Now that was amazing!
It is anti theft too!
Upon a potential break-in, the closet would shut down and was reinforced by bulletproof glass

According to her grandma, it was installed for emergency purposes.
Just in case something happened, we could hide in the closet hahaha hiding in the closet will never be the same!

It even came with a chandelier!
Who even has a chandelier in their closet???!
This is totally insane!!!!

The bathroom was amazing too!

It had a sauna, a jacuzzi, a shower with multiple shower heads, and it also came with multiple modes!

Did I already say that this house was ridiculous?!

This was not a home. It was a palace!!!

She left us a chef, 4 cleaners, and 6 bodyguards

The house was no longer as peaceful as we wanted it to be, but the staff was instructed to be as silent as possible

We barely ever saw them

They were very polite and knew that they needed to give us privacy, so they just did their work and left us alone

I liked them a whole lot :)

Still, though, I don't think I will ever get used to this!

U might be wondering what brought the sudden change...

Well, her grandma is finally leaving today, and this house was her gift to Sam and I

My parents are going home with her too. They finally had the peace of mind to leave me here with Sam

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