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Author notes:

Slight R18 I think

If ur not comfy, u can skip :)


M: ready for round 2?

(Sam was a little pitiful.
She was still coming down from her high
She was still mildly panting, and she was obviously still out of breath, but what could I do?
Does she really expect I could wait any longer?

I had dreamed of having her again over and over again!
I had already waited long enough!

I was really stupid back then!
I really didn't know what had gotten into me to not let Sam touch me even though she begged!
Such a wasted opportunity!
Ugh! you are so dumb Mon!

Being the one in charge felt amazing,  and seeing Sam below me panting felt out of this world,  but I have needs too!

I am afraid that if I won't be blunt about it, nothing will happen!
Sam, after my accident, was really not the same

It's not that I was complaining or anything because it's sweet and touching and i really appreciated it a lot how much she valued me, but Sam, well she  respected me too much, if that even makes sense

She treated me like I was a fragile vase and that pissed me off..  a lot

I mean, I know I haven't really given her a lot of reasons to think otherwise, but I was still not happy

She always made me feel that I was not okay, that I was weak and it's a constant reminder of my past self, I was desperately escaping from

I know I am ungrateful!
I mean, which girl doesn't want to be loved and respected right?
Most girls would have thanked the galaxies and the heavens for an opportunity to switch places with me

I have nothing to complain about!
She was so good to me! Too good, in fact, that most of time, I had to make sure that I wasn't dreaming!

She pampered me and tolerated all my nonsense

She was extremely patient and doting of me

But that wasn't the Sam that I knew

She was already extremely tolerant of me before

I knew I was treated unlike anybody else and had taken much pride in it
But it's just too much

It's too the point that she would really not initiate it again!
Or even if she did, she'd end up controlling herself and not finish the deed!

I can't have that!
I feel drier than the Sahara desert right now! I am in need of my bossy dominant Sam!

I need my Sam that was both willfull and commanding!

I want Sam to punish me too!!!

Just like right now,
After all I have said and done
She was just staring at me, eyes wide open in bafflement

Sigh! Left with no choice, I decided to put a little more incentive to make her move)

M: Come on, Sam
Didn't u say a while ago that u prefer to be on top?

(And just like that, I felt Sam's energy darken.
Her eyes filled with desire and vengeance?
Oooohhh yes! That's hot!
That's it, Mon just a little more!)

M: Come on ChamCham Prove it!

I love it when u take control baby!

U won't leave me hanging, right?

I haven't cum yet love

(And that did it! Hahaha
I knew it would work!
Sam flipped me faster than I could blink

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