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We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Samanan Anantrakul and Kornkamon Phetpailin

S: Judge, can we please skip all the unnecessary things and hurry this up?

M: Sam!

J: You were the reason for all the delay you know

(Sam glared at Jim)

S: You wait for me after I get married
I will make sure you will know regret

J: Meh! You're all talk
Now, quiet down and let the judge continue the ceremony. Will you?

(Sam continued glaring at Sam while Mon merely chuckled at her beloved)

Judge : ahem. Would you like to deliver your own vows?

(Sam and Mon looked at each other at this moment and smiled. They then both nodded their heads and said together that they would deliver their own vows)

Judge : Okay. Kornkamon, please state your vows

M: Sam, we have gone through so much these past couple of years

Most of it was my doing, but I won't apologize for it because I know that's not what you want to hear from me

I don't want you to remember my vow as an apology because you deserve so much more

I really don't want to sound sappy today, but I don't think I could help myself

Sam, my love...

Thank you

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you

People who know you,
know that you're the most impatient person in the world

You're Samanan Anantrakul,
you don't have to change for anyone, but for me love, you still did

You have been everything that I needed and more
You have been all that I prayed for, Sam

Thank you for sharing your world with me and for letting me see the real you

I know it wasn't easy for you, so thank you for trying.

Thank you for always always being patient and forgiving even when I didn't deserve it

At times, even I think you have been too patient, and I'm sorry if I abused your tolerance and understanding

Oops, I said I would apologize today, but it still slipped.

Sam, There were many moments when I was selfish and unreasonable

I was stubborn and reckless

I wasn't the easiest person to be with

I knew I drove you crazy...
quite literally, in fact... my bad.

At times, i thought I was bad for you and questioned if it was right for me to hold on to you

Thank you, Sam, for waking me up

Thank you for bearing with me

Thank you for choosing to stand by my side until the end

You have always been there for me in times when I needed a reminder of why I'm fighting and what I'm fighting for

There were moments I admit that I almost gave up

No, the truth is...
There were moments when I gave up

I'm sure you knew

You knew me too well
I couldn't really hide how I self destructed

I'm sure I've hurt u Sam, but time and time again
You have chosen to fight for me, and even when I couldn't fight for you, you chose to fight the both of us

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