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M: Babe, can I get a little serious with u now?

(She swallowed and looked away. She knew this was coming and was doing her best to stall but I had waited enough. I won't wait any longer.

I looked to the right and saw the  windows opened, so I went and closed the blinds

I heard her gulp and that made me smirk

I then slowly went toward the door and while looking at her, I went out of the room

I heard her shout "tease" and I just laughed

I went to the nurses' station and checked at Sam's schedule for the day.

When I saw that she was free for the next couple of hours, I couldn't hide my widening smile

I asked a favor from the nurses that I have grown close to the past couple of weeks that Sam had stayed in the hospital

Then, when everything was settled, I went back inside to see a blushing Sam, fidgeting with her hands, looking anywhere but me, that is until I forced her attention on me

I looked at her with deep passion and need, and I could see her orbs slowly darkening

I made sure never to take my eyes off of her while I reached out to lock the door slowly and deliberately

I made sure she saw it and smirked when I saw her gulp again

I slowly sashayed my way to her bed and when I was close enough, surprised her by climbing up her bed and straddling her

M: Sam, do u love me?

(She looked at me up and down, feeling the spread of my body heat on her lower abdomen, and I saw how her irises have now gone fully blown

She was staring at me so deeply, observing me
Waiting at what I would do next

I, of course, didn't disappoint
I sank my body lower and pressed my weight harder until I heard her moan

My smirk deepened, knowing I was winning

Then I slowly cupped her face and forced her eyes to mine and asked again)

M: I asked if u loved me Sam

(I made sure not to take my eyes off her and waited for her response...daring her to look away)

S: u... U kn..know I...I do Mon!

(I almost laughed when I heard Sam stutter
It's fun seeing Sam like this
Cheeks flaring, head bobbing, writhing beneath me)

M: Then say it

S: I love u Mon

M: How much do u love me Sam?

S: More than u will ever know Mon

M: But won't u rather, I know how much u love me Sam?

(She looked at me deeply, her eyes slowly hypnotizing me
Then she bit her lowly lip, obviously contemplating her words

All this time, all i could think of was the softness of Sam's lips and the feeling of kissing her, consuming her

Before the last bit of my control snapped, I leaned closer, pressing more of my weight against her, then took the lips i've been dreaming of in a quick, passionate kiss

I felt her hand grip my waist and I smiled through the kiss, knowing I had won, so I simply pulled back and watched her again

I heard her growl
A full chested, animalistic growl, and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud

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