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It has been a couple of weeks since the incident and we are still stuck in these damn white walls
Seriously i feel like we're trapped in a mental asylum

I couldn't stress enough how much I hated hospitals,
I have spent enough time here that i have grown to absolutely hate it
I hated the white walls
Hated the smell of disinfectants
Hated the lack of privacy and
Hated the vulnerability that came along with it

I Hated every second that I was stuck here, but God be damned if anyone forces me to leave Sam here alone!

I even shifted to online classes for a while
Thankful that it was even an option because if not, i don't even know what to do
I needed to stay here until I found it absolutely fine to leave Sam alone and even then my heart can't seem to calm down

Even when I left to go home for an hour or two or go to school because I absolutely have to, my mom or her grandma would always be by Sam's side and they always kept me updated about her.
I didn't care if it was random.
I wanted to know everything.

Sam slept well today...

She is out for therapy for a couple of hours...

Her tube is finally out...

She was looking for you...

Sam ate well today. She even asked for desserts...

Those were the string of text messages I would receive constantly, and each one made me want to stop everything and go back to her.

GOD!!! I really miss my Chamcham!
I didn't even know I could be this obsessive

I mean, seriously, I just left her side a couple of minutes ago and here I was struggling to stay because I wanted to run back to her and never ever leave

I didn't know I could love anyone this deeply

Spell O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D?!!!

grrrr no Mon! Concentrate on your classes first!
You need to ace everything if you want to apply for an early graduation.
You need this Mon!
Sam! I MISS YOU!!!

Sam wanted so badly to go home.

She never failed to express it every chance she gets

She was extremely frustrated and i feel for her but she wasn't the only one plus this was her own doing, so she better deal with the consequences.

Up until now, remembering what happened that day, still gets to me

Everytime I am away from Sam, i remember it and panic

I don't want her out of my sight.
I had this never ending fear of her doing it again and I couldn't for the life of me calm down

The only way for me to breathe again is by seeing her and holding her hand.

Never again Sam! Never again!

Today I finally decided it was time to have the talk with Sam.

I waited long enough and I can't delay it any further

M: Sam... let's talk

S: hmm... what about Mon?

M: Well, us...

S: hmm... what do u mean us?

M: Well, I'm sure u know by now, Sam
My memories came back

S: hmm... I'm happy they're back Mon

M: when did u find out?

S: the moment I woke up.
I told u, i knew u the most Mon so of course i'd find out

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