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It has been weeks since Sam and I's last sexual escapade. Yeah, it has been a few weeks, and I am still frustrated!!!

Sam has been cleared for release after a couple of months in the hospital

It was a great day! A great day indeed!
That was before her grandma decided to borrow Sam for a couple of days!!!

A couple of days may have not looked like a long time, but for a sexually frustrated person such as myself, it was like a death sentence!

I just had gotten over my hatred over her grandma, and now I am starting to hate her again 😑 I'm starting to bear another deep grudge!

She should have known that separating Sam and I wasn't a good idea!
Both of us aren't even stable yet!
People can tell our severe separation anxiety, right?!
She is not blind so why is she pretending to not see?!

We needed each other, everyone could tell!

She knew that but still insisted and ended up saying something about distance makes the heart grow fonder and decided to torture us both!

God! Can someone be anymore unreasonable?!

Why would u want to be apart from the love of your life anyway?

That just doesn't make any sense to me!

If I love someone, I will fight tooth and nail to stay with them every hour of every day!

Why do we need to be apart?!

Sam and I had gone through so much!
We don't know how much longer we have left in this world, and we don't want to waste a single moment of it apart!

We both almost lost each other!

We both almost died!

We both are suffering from depression!

Haven't we gone through enough?!

Of course, Sam and I argued and begged and struggled and fought to counter her decision, but we can never win against an old scheming fox!

She is so shameless!
She actually pretended to be pitiful and said she wanted to spend more time with Sam before she left and also mentioned her numbered days!

She said she was dying, but I am starting to doubt it!
It has been so long, and she is still as strong as my mother!

This whole death thing wasn't just a ploy, right?!

Geez! I know it's mean!
I know I shouldn't wish ill against others, and I promise I'm not praying about it, but I'm seriously genuinely curious!

I don't want her to die, if only because I know that Sam would be devastated!
The current her right now wouldn't be able to take another blow
I know that, but seriously!!!
Her grandma is like the devil!!!

Being away from Sam was really torture!

This goes for both Sam and I

Sam would always end up calling me by the hour like clockwork

She wouldn't eat until she heard from me

She wouldn't drink her meds until I coaxed her

She wouldn't sleep unless she saw me

She even developed a habit of doing video calls at night, and even in the silence, it appeased and comforted us
We just needed to know that we were still there for each other

I, on the other hand, wasn't any better!

I was constantly anxious!

There were a lot of times when I would just suddenly panic for no apparent reason and couldn't calm down until I heard her voice!

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