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S: How's school, Mon?

M: woah, that came outta nowhere hahaha Why are you suddenly curious? That's so not like you, Sam

S: Can't I ask?

M: That's not what I meant
I'm happy u asked Sam it's just that u know new that you asked
I tend to be the one that opens up all the topics and tell u all my stories

S: I've always been interested in everything about you, Mon. I just don't ask because I'm waiting for you to tell me willingly

M: u know other people would think that u don't care about them if u don't ask anything, Sam

S: Are u included in those "other people" Mon?

M: I am

S: i'm sorry. I'll try harder
I... I didn't know I made you feel that way Mon
I just don't have the habit of asking

M: I know Sam and I understand
I know u love me. It's just human nature
People want their loved ones' attention

S: Mon, even if I don't ask you anything
U have always had my sole attention
Everything that u tell me, Mon
I make it a point to remember them fully, and my eyes have always gravitated to you, Mon. I thought u knew that by now

M: Awww isn't my baby sweet?
Haha school's great love
How's diversity?

S: it's the same.
I've been trying to catch up on work since i missed a lot, but nothing's changed, really
Paperworks, politics, socializing and backstabbing

M: Must've been tough

S: i'm used to it.
Blame me for not having someone competent to rely on

M: i'm sorry, Sam. I'm late. Just wait a little longer

S: hahaha Mon, have u heard me ever complain when u were working with me?

M: u never complain, Sam

S: it's because I have nothing to complain about

M: No, u just weren't privy to show ur emotions

S: Mon, U were the most competent partner anyone could ever wish for

U worked silently behind the scenes but did your job perfectly

U didn't wait for instructions and completed projects left and right with such skill and precision that left not only our clients but also me satisfied

Ur ideas and plans were amazing. Mon
Everybody loved you!

You have no idea how many people tried to steal you away from me!

Hmph! As if I'd let them!
You're mine! Over my dead body!

S: hahaha u and ur flattery

M: Mon, I'm serious!
U really were the best
I have said it before and I'll say it again
Diversity wouldn't have grown to what it is now if u weren't there beside me
and I'm not just saying that because ur my girlfriend

U have been my strength, my support, my guide, my critic, and my everything. Mon
Diversity is a product of your hardworking as much as it was mine. Mon, I just had more money and had used it to fund the growth of diversity, but it doesn't mean all of it was my merit.
Diversity is ours, do u understand?

M: If it's ours, then let me help

S: u have too much on your plate currently, Mon
Finish school first, I can wait

M: No! If I have too much on my plate, then what do u call yours?
I refuse to let u suffer alone!

S: Mon, im okay. Don't worry, ok?

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