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Sam's mood has been extremely foul since this morning, and nobody could approach her

She had been drilling holes in the carpet from her constant pacing around the room, and there had been a permanent scowl on her face

She hasn't eaten or drank anything either

The maids had been repeatedly reminded her, but all they had gotten from Sam was silence and a glare. Despite it, they still tried over and over until Sam locked herself in their room.

They were all extremely worried about her but could do nothing whilst everything unfolded.

Sam had contacted the police but since it hasn't been 24 hours yet, she was asked to wait

Unable to stay still, she went to all the places Mon could have been

She went to her school and checked if she had attended her classes today

She was even more anxious when she was told that Mon had excused herself from classes today

She didn't want to give up, so despite knowing that Mon wasn't on campus, she still walked around the entire campus looking for her.

This left Sam extremely exhausted and dehydrated, but despite that, she still refuses to stop searching for Mon

She went to the hospital again, hoping that this time around, they would be giving her a better response but slumped her shoulders disappointedly when the answer remained the same

N1: Mon is not here

She hasn't been here today

N2: Dr. Miller is on leave, and we haven't seen him for the past 2 days now

Still refusing to give up, she went to Diversity, praying that Mon was there, but only came out of the building even more disappointed

Sam also went everywhere she could think of

To the different malls

The different grocery stores

The different parks

She even slowed down the car and actively searched for Mon in the streets

All the while, she had never stopped trying to call Mon

The constant "out of coverage area" she has been hearing since this morning has been etched in her memories and is now almost added to the list of her numerous triggers for her undying panic attacks

She had 3 attacks just today alone, and each time, she felt like she couldn't come back

The only way she was able to make it is by remembering that Mon is still waiting for her to find her

Sam is a nervous wreck
It's a miracle she made it back home in one piece. Well, if u could even call her state in one piece, that is

When all hope is lost and she was about to march to the police station again for the nth time today, she received a message from Mon

Seeing Mon's name scared and appeased Sam at the same time

She didn't know what to think...
What to feel...

She was happy that Mon was okay enough to be able to text her

That at least was enough to ease her worries a bit

But at the same time, it frustrated her more!
She was so angry!
So upset at Mon!

She had been a nervous wreck the entire day!
She had been worried out of her mind looking for her, and here she was texting her like nothing had happened!

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