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The next couple of months after Sam was hospitalized was a series of blur

It took her a couple of weeks to finally be discharged but had to spend months worth of therapies and even then she is still not back to 100%. I worry about her. I want what's the best for her.

So All throughout this debacle, I took over the diversity branch in the US.
It was tough because it was still just starting off and well Sam is a tough mountain to climb over.
I didn't want to disappoint her

But i still insisted.
I told her I could handle it and told her to trust me and as always she did.

This was my way of telling her i'm here and that i cared.
I needed her to rest and recharge and she finally obliged after much persuasion and haggling

She had too much on her plate, and we both knew it, but she was too much of a workaholic and a worrywart to actually allow herself to let loose
so I took this time to force her to choose herself for once in her life.

Me and Sam went into therapy a couple of months ago,
I begged her. Told her we needed it and we have been doing it consistently for the past 3 months now.

It was doing us wonders!

It was fun :) it was a great decision as I saw Sam smiling more.

She took out a new hobby, painting and guess what?

As always, she was great at it
Well, no surprise there... she was Sam after all
She had always been great at everything.

No one was as happy as Neung!
She was happy that Sam finally broke out of her shell and shared her passion in art.

I don't think it was really passion, though. I think it was more of therapy for her but nevertheless no matter what u called it as long as she is happy then that's good.

Resting was a foreign feeling for Sam.
You could argue that she rested when she took care of me those past couple of months but that was due to her desperation to be with me more than anything and u couldn't really call it resting when she used all her time to take care of me.

Now that I was ok, her motivation to stay away from work was gone.
Now being idle became her anxiety
As much as Sam was stressed at work, we both knew she loved it.

She was a control freak and loved bossing people around and loved seeing herself excel and succeed in the field that she chose.

Nevertheless, when she got over the initial funk, the break did wonders for Sam...
I was finally seeing the Sam that I fell in love with back in fourth grade

She was smiling more and was finally showing signs of happiness.

Me, on the other hand, I came into accepting my new role

The first couple of weeks were hard, to say the least.

I had to juggle between my classes, taking care of Sam and managing diversity.

The fact that I was now handling a couple hundred strong of the best of the best in their respective fields wasn't helping

They had their doubts at first of course, especially when they knew I was still in school but like the professionals that they were, they didn't show me the disdain that I thought I would initially receive when I first took over

Attending client calls and high profile events with Sam wasn't helping either

The coming days were hectic
The media was now all over us, especially when diversity was officially released and Sam wasn't the one leading it

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