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M: Love, wake up.

S: Hmm... good morning, teerak!

M: Good morning to you too, teerak!

(She then cupped my cheeks and kissed me, and i quickly pulled away)

S: Mon, I haven't brushed my teeth yet

(I quickly explained, afraid that she might misunderstand.
Nothing would be worse than having a grumpy sulking Mon in the morning and knowing that you're the cause!
We definitely can't have that!
It would be a straight path to hell!
No, thank you!
That girl knows how to carry a grudge I tell you!)

M: And?

(She glared at me, waiting for further explanation. I gulped uh-oh)

S: it's embarrassing, Mon.
Morning breath, you know

(I scratched my nape upset that she was forcing me to say it. It's embarrassing!)

M: Sam, which part of your body haven't I tasted yet by now?

(She said with a shadow of a teasing smile on her sexy lips)

M: Do u really think I'd care about morning breath, Sam?

(She winked at me, and all I could think about right now was how my MonMon had turned into a minx!)

M: Besides, you don't have morning breath at all, Sam.
You still taste sweet love.
You always do.

(She then looked at me straight in the eye and then playfully licked my lips)

S: Mon, don't tease me so early in the morning.
U might regret it

(A ghost of another smile appeared before she closed the short distance left between us)

M: Will I Sam?

(She looked at me and full-on smirked. She taunted me and dared me.
At times like these, there is no point in pretending to be strong.
Just admit defeat.
Who was I to resist a gift when it's presented so beautifully in front of me?
AHHHH, this is bliss!
Mon and I spent the entire morning making more remarkable memories in bed!

Ahhh, nothing beats waking up like this every day.
I'd trade all my money to have time frozen for Mon and I.
No problems. No worries. No drama.
We were just loving each other and enjoying each other's presence like we should. Love should be simple.

How I wish every day could always be as great as today, but knowing how cruel the world is, I knew we had to enjoy it whilst it last.)

M: Love, I gave you your prize early. Multiple times even, you were satisfied, right?
No complaints?

S: Of course, love! It was great! You were great! But I do have a complaint, though

(She raised her eyebrow at me and dared me to complain. Her eyes were telling me to go on as she continued to glare at me like she's stalking her prey)

S: It was too good love. I didn't want it to end. I'm ruined for life now, so you better take responsibility

(There it is. Her smile turned sweet now, and I internally pat myself in the back for thinking fast. I was pretty sure I avoided a disaster!)

M: OH, and how do u expect me to be responsible, Sam?

S: Marry me

(She silently just stared at me
1 min, 2, 3... 5 mins. I'm starting to sweat now! I mean, I know it came out of nowhere, but I never expected this reaction. I mean, come on! We literally were willing to die rather than be apart! We have professed undying love for each other and are currently in therapy due to us being apart. This outcome should have been done ages ago! So why is she not responding? Does she not want this?)

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