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M: Hey Ray. Thank you
I really don't know what I'd do if I didn't have u

R: Well, u can thank me by feeding my curious mind
Come on, I'm waiting.
What did Sam do now?

(Mon took an annoyed sigh and glared at the empty glass. She then tried to grab the bottle from Ray, which Ray skillfully avoided)

R: No more drinking for you. Our session is now ongoing on Mon

M: LOL, I didn't come here
as your patient Ray. I came here as your friend
Now, as a friend, it is your responsibility to keep me entertained.
Drink with me

R: nah-uh. I won't trust myself drinking with you, Mon. Never

M: Haha, you're just scared or Sam, aren't you?
Everybody is

R: Everybody except u that is?

M: Haha, she terrifies me too.
I just trust that she loves me too much to ever hurt me intentionally or make it difficult for me.
Knowing how much power I have over her, makes it almost impossible for me to act on out on my initial fear of her.
Plus is a big baby really. She's cute and adorable! Don't let her initial bitchiness fool you hahaha

R: Are u force feeding me dog food right now? Aren't u cruel, little one?

M: hahaha I could tell you more, u know
Isn't that what u wanted?

R: Cut it out! You're stalling again, Mon

M: Haha! Fine, fine! Just one more glass first, please? I need it, Ray

R: Last one, okay, Mon?
No haggling!

M: Okay. Give me! Quick!

R: Someone's eager. Tsk tsk

Now that you've had your wine, start talking.

What did she do now?

M: she demanded me to marry her

R: And how did that make you feel?

M: You're doing it again, Ray.
You're treating me like your patient again

R: You're always going to be my patient, Mon. That's the only way I can separate what is real from what is not.
U can call it an occupational hazard if it makes u feel any better

M: Well, it doesn't

R: Meh. You have to live with it then otherwise go find somebody else to talk to

M: meanie!

R: Start talking. We don't have all night Mon. Sam is most probably out of her mind, worried about you by now.

M: Tsk! Fine
It made me feel hollow.
I know I'm probably just overreacting.
It's Sam we're talking about.
This has always been her style.
She's bossy and clueless and demanding and prideful and hateful most of the time, but I guess I expected more

Was I wrong? Did I overreact, Ray?

R: Why do u feel like you've overreacted?

M: Because I should've understood her.
I knew she was sincere!
She was asking me in her own way!
She's just awkward, tsk! but she's really pissing me off!

R: Why is she pissing you off?

M: Because I expected something better!
I expected her to make more of an effort into asking me!
I know it's kind of like a formality by now because God! We already live together and would rather die than be apart, but would it kill her to try to make me feel just a little bit special?! Ugh!!!

R: Are u happy that you've walked away, Mon?

M: Ugh! No! Of course I'm not! But... I just can't help it! It's a habit, I guess

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