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Forbidden Love by crazedz0ul
Forbidden Loveby vaishu
Rebecca Armstrong is starting her medical internship at Bangkok General, but there was a surprise waiting for her there in the form of none other than Dr.Freen Sarocha C...
Fifty Shades of Pink by freenbeck_forever
Fifty Shades of Pinkby Katie
This story will not continue. Becky, a bright woman who is always making everyone's world pink, meets a colorblind woman Freen. But for some reason, Freen can see only...
My unexpected wife. by shemeanit
My unexpected JC "cute"
how will work the two strangers tied unexpectedly.
GAP 2: ROAD TO FOREVER by goldendarkness101
GAP 2: ROAD TO FOREVERby goldendarkness101
fan made. Mon's & Sam's POV alternate storyline when book 1 ended. is love really all that we need? can we overcome our overwhelming gap when we fight for our love? what...
Made for Mafia by freen3becky
Made for Mafiaby freen3becky
Story about Mafia queen and her girl..... This is a fanfiction of freen and becky.
Chasing Her || FreenBecky by vivaciousgeek
Chasing Her || FreenBeckyby deshu
She pursued me first, but in the end, I was the one who chased her.
If only... by karadan_
If danve
"If I just had one wish ... i will wish I had a time machine, to Get rid of some of these memories. I would say the words that were not said, I would reveal the fe...
The Right Thing (FreenBecky) by tc_freenky
The Right Thing (FreenBecky)by Tanya ❤️
She said we don't have to kiss or something like that but, She takes a step towards me and closes the gap between us. !!S2 IS HERE!! Becky Armstrong has...
Behind the Scenes  by srch_rmstrng
Behind the Scenes by pau
What happens when all the cameras are gone? Is it really all just fan service? FreenBeck fanfic
I Will Find You (Again)  by leafsdreams48
I Will Find You (Again) by leafsdreams48
"If I could turn back the time, I swear I will do everything to save you." Police Officer Rebecca Armstrong was still grieving, when one day she woke up and sh...
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P)  by call_me_daddy___
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P) by call_me_daddy___
Fantasizing about Freen and Becky? Here's one best shots for you. 😜🤤💦 If you are too sensitive, you are not welcome to read my fantasies. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK‼️ I ho...
For The Last One Hundred Days || FreenBecky [Completed] by vivaciousgeek
For The Last One Hundred Days || deshu
What will you do if you only have 100 days left to live? A short FreenBecky fanfic. A collaboration with Holylightnerd.
My Soulmate by noturlover
My Soulmateby @Megalomaniac
When you're in love with your best friend and never see it coming. NOTE: THIS IS A ONE-SHOT STORY.
We meet again (Sequel) by Jun1p3rspr1ng
We meet again (Sequel)by Comet Landin
Rebecca's last memory of her young love was at the airport. It has been five years since that day and she has yet to forgive her Mother or Freen, one for abandoning her...
Falling in Love by kavinJhonson
Falling in Loveby kavin Jhonson
You fell in love with someone you cannot hold in your life . This story about two best friends who found their soulmates within them .
RomCom Cliché by AnonDaDuck
RomCom Clichéby Da Tacky Duck
Rebecca is a hopeless romantic control freak. Freen is just... not it. Disclaimer: Story is not mine, I only adapted it to FreenBecky Fanfic because I love this piece an...
Differences (Let me love you ) by kavinJhonson
Differences (Let me love you )by kavin Jhonson
life is always unpredictable. You never say what will happen in the next few minutes . the story of two women , who fallen in love with both . if they love is acceptabl...
Let's love again (Gap the series fanfiction) by OliviaAlexan
Let's love again (Gap the series OliviaAlexan
This is fanfiction about after Gap the series. After Gap the series, Sam and Mon lived happily but something was happened between them and made them to separate. "...
She is Homophobic || FreenBecky [Completed] by vivaciousgeek
She is Homophobic || FreenBecky [ deshu
She's cute. She's smart. She's rich. She's everyone's dream. But she's homophobic. Argh! Note: This is Fiction. If you don't know what fiction is, leave.
New Life by rampaiger_93
New Lifeby Bec_Freen
The only thing that kept Sam alive was the love for her Mon.