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M: Love?

(Mon tried to draw Sam's attention back to her as Sam seems to have been unsettled and unfocused

Mon was still on her knees, and even if her knees could take the pressure of her body weight for a couple more hours before it goes numb,  she couldn't handle Sam's silence for another second.

Mon was anxious beyond belief, and Sam's calmness and stillness were driving her over the edge

Why is she not responding?

Does she not want to marry me?

Did I mess up?

Did I propose too soon?

But everything is perfect, though...

I made sure everything was perfect!

The sunset, the beach, and the ambiance were perfect! I even made sure to ace our favorite song!

I'm definitely sure I sang all the notes right!

Where did I go wrong? I just dont understand)

M: Sam?

(Mon didn't know what else to do, so this time she rubbed Sam's hand the way she knew could soothe Sam's nerves and tried to gently grab Sam's attention)

M: Love, u won't keep me hanging like this, right?

(Still nothing)

M: Love... My knees are already hurting

(Mon made sure to pout and show her reddened eyes more distinctly

This snapped Sam out of her daze and allowed her to slowly focus on her perfect MonMon kneeling in front of her with the most beautiful ring she had ever seen)

M: Love, did u know that I drew this ring myself?

(Sam raised her eyebrow at Mon
Unbridledly displaying her doubts

To this,  Mon laughed heartily
I'm happy that the tension was slowly fading. She was slowly taking control of her emotions)

M: i'm sure u would have already pictured it, but I did such an awful job at drawing the ring, but I guess God took pity on me and sent me the right people

I was lucky and was paired with the most thoughtful and talented bunch of artists

They were really patient with me

They didn't laugh at my drawings too or well they tried to be not so obvious when they snickered and at the very least they accommodated all my fuzziness and pushed me to develop the concept better

I owe them a lot
They simply put their head down and gave more effort in bringing my vision to life

Do u like the ring, love?

S: I do

M: Good
Then the effort was worth it, then

(Sam beamed at her)

M: Do u know why I chose today's theme to be tulips, Sam?

S: Because it's my favorite ?
(Sam said with a big smile)

M: Oh, come on, give me some more credit

I did put in more effort before I decided everything about today, u know

Can't u think of another reason for it other than them being your favorite Sam?

S: So I'm assuming that u were paying attention then (Sam said with a cheeky smile)

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