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Sam was sleeping peacefully when she was forcefully awoken by Mon biting and licking her ear

She then felt Mon wrapping her arms around her and felt immediately comforted by Mon's tight embrace.

She still felt groggy and didn't want to move, so she sinked in deeper into Mon's arms and tried to continue her sleep.

Mon was persistent, though, and her tongue and hands were getting naughty

Mon had found the sweet spot on her neck and teased her continuously while her hands were moving dangerously low into her waist

Sam frowned a little but still couldn't stop her mouth from silently moaning.

Her body was already starting to heat up.

Sam sighed.
She knew she wouldn't have a choice but to wake up now. Mon could be annoyingly persistent if she chooses to be, and from the way it looks like right now, Mon, wouldn't have it any other way.

It's either she chooses to be tortured further helplessly, which, to be honest, isn't a very good idea knowing she wouldn't be allowed to reciprocate at all. Now that is real torture; or the other alternative was just to simply giving in to whatever Mon wanted.

Sigh what Mon wants, Mon gets.
Sam begrudgingly forced herself to wake up
She then slowly took a peak and immediately went lost in awe when she saw Mon's bright smile

M: Good morning, my love
How was your sleep?

(Mon couldn't hide her smile even if she wanted to. She was just radiating happiness, and this left Sam in a daze)

S: Mon?

(For a moment, Sam was confused.
Sam hasn't seen Mon smile like this for a very long time, and she loved this version of Mon the best.

Mon was always cheerful, and she was always found with a smile on her face, but her smile today was absolutely breathtaking. She looked... I don't know how to describe it... really happy?)

M: Yes, love?

S: What did I do to deserve such a wonderful wake-up call?

M: Hmm. Nothing much! I just found you adorable, that's all. (Mon smiled deeper)

S: And you only found out now?

(Mon sneered at this. Tsk just as expected of Sam. She is still cheeky and is full of herself as usual)

M: It wouldn't hurt you to be a little humble, u know?

S: Hmmm. What's the use of being humble?
I never lie, so why would I deny how awesome I am? It's not like the truth would suddenly change if I do.

M: Tsk! Why did I expect any different? Sigh
Yes, little miss perfect!

S: You see me as perfect only because you love me, Mon

M: And what's wrong with that?
You only need to be perfect for me, love.
Be the worst to everybody else so I would have less competition

S: Mon there has never been and there will never be a competition Mon.

For me, only 2 types of people exist

There's you, and then there's everybody else

You own me mind, body, and soul my MonMon.
Nobody will ever come close to you

(Sam had said those words with such earnest and devotion that Mon couldn't help but be touched.

This was her ChamCham.

How stupid of her to have kept such a woman who had loved her this deeply waiting, just because of her own lack of security.

Thinking back into it now....
I really was stupid.

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