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S: Mon!!!!

(Sam felt her world stopped when she saw Mon collapsed!
Everything was in slow motion
All she could see was Mon

Then the dream was over
She froze for a split second and became more and more anxious as the seconds went by
She hated that she couldn't be there to catch her
She blamed herself for letting Mon go alone!
She knew Mon needed her, but ughhh!!! She couldn't think of anything else other than Mon lying alone in this cold morning air)

S: Hurry!!! Faster! Faster!!! (Sam shouted at her bodyguard to go faster! She needed to go to Mon! She needed to know that she was okay!
Because they were quite a distance away to make their tailing less obvious, it took around 2-3mins of high-speed driving before they finally stopped beside a collapsed Mon
She was already surrounded by random strangers, and that irked Sam more!
What were they doing crowding, Mon?!

Sam immediately went down the car, pushed everybody aside, and kneeled beside Mon)

S: Mon! MON!!!
Wake up!
what happened to you?!
Mon! Mon!

G1: Ms. Sam, we need to bring Ms. Mon to the hospital

S: Then why are u just standing there! Help me! Let's bring her to the hospital now!
(She screamed at her bodyguard, not even minding her lack of manners and grace)

(They then hurried to the nearest hospital since their usual hospital was too far away, and Sam didn't want to risk Mon's condition!

Her mind was telling her it was probably just exhaustion, but that didn't stop Sam from overthinking and panicking the entire way

With Mon, nothing can be taken for granted! She needed to be sure she was safe!

Mon wasn't responding to her pleas and shouts, so she was becoming more restless!

The only thing that comforts Sam is seeing the rise and fall of Mon's chest, so she wasn't taking her eyes off of Mon's chest.

It was like a spell, and the beating of Mon's heart was like a guide to her own breathing. It stopped when it stopped and continued when it rose and fell.

Each second was torture.

She's breathing. It's ok, Sam!
Mon's just tired. She just fell asleep. It's ok. She's ok. I need you to calm down!!! Mon needs you right now! You can't have a panic attack!

Those were the words that Sam held on to and had on repeat in her head.
This was where she was drawing her strength from to keep herself from collapsing, too

Hold on, Sam! Not right now!
Mon needs you!

Seeing Mon like this brings back her memories of seeing Mon lifeless in her arms, and she was struggling to stay sane.

Her memories were so vivid, she could hardly tell if it was real!

This was Sam's worst nightmare.
Mon unknowingly just triggered Sam's worst trauma...


Doc: for patient Kornkamon?

S: i'm here

Doc: Don't worry, she's fine
She just suffered from dehydration & anemia
We want to keep her overnight to run some more tests, and she could be released after those turned out clear

S: Thank u!!!

Doc: Do u want to go home and rest first? The patient is asleep

S: No, it's ok. I don't want her waking up alone
Can I go see her now?

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