Bonus chapter - 2

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Aadhya's POV:

"Rudra please," this was my 100th time pleading with him. I have decided that I am ready to meet my parents. I don't want to have them back in my life it is just I want closure.

"Aadhya you know why I am not letting you go there," he said and cupped my face.

"Rudra I understand but you also try to understand," I tried to show him how much I wanted this closure.

"Aadhya I can't let you go there and then lose you. You have come so far I can't those people drag you back," he explained to me. It's true I have struggled a lot from the start and have lost all confidence in me. From the start, Rudra has shown me the good side of myself and made me believe in myself. It was hard to do but when you have a partner like Rudra it becomes easy.

"I promise you won't lose me," I assured him. I know he was still debating and the conflict can easily seen in his eyes.

"Fine but I am not letting you go alone," he told me and removed his hands from my face.

"But," I wanted to do this alone and I don't want to drag him there.

"No, and it's final. I am going with you," he declared and I knew he won't change his decision.

"Fine but you won't say anything. You will just be there on my side nothing more," I warned him.

"Ok," he said and we both knew it was a lie. He won't say anything to them but won't stop if he anyone disrespected me.

"Fine," I kissed his cheeks and then pecked his lips.

"Go and hurry before I change my mind," he told me and I ran to get change. I decided to wear blue jeans with a white top. I kept my hair in a half bun and took a sling purse of blue color.

When we got ready he held my hand and we walked in the hall where his parents were sitting

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When we got ready he held my hand and we walked in the hall where his parents were sitting.

"Mom Dad we are going," I informed both of them. They both knew about my decision before Rudra. They both agreed that I needed the closure. They knew Rudra wouldn't accept it so they asked if I needed help. I declined as I wanted to be the one to tell him.

"Do I need to come?" it was Mom who asked me. She was so caring towards me like I was her own daughter.

"Mom I will be fine besides I am taking my personal bodyguard with me," I tried to joke.

Rudra just snorted at my comment while Mom and Dad started to laugh. With that, we left for my parent's home.

The car stopped in front of my parent's home and Rudra held my hand. "We can go back any time whenever you feel overwhelmed," he told me.

I just nodded my head in a yes and released a deep breath. Then we both exited from the car and rang the bell.

The door opened and it was Shikha who opened the door. "You," she said and looked at Rudra towards my right. She smiled looking at Rudra and said "Welcome come inside."

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