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Pretty Little Thing | ✓ by sanasays
Pretty Little Thing | ✓by 𝒔 𝒂 𝒏 𝒂
[Highest ranking: #1 in Spiritual on 15/8/18] ••• • In which a girl saved a boy's life in the most unexpected of circumstances • She drank water. He drank alcohol. She...
He Felt Like A Storm ||Wattys2018 ||Wattys2019 by AnkSun344
He Felt Like A Storm || Ankita
The story is of two individuals Siddharth Khanna and Anusha Singh. Both were gems to their parents, both spoiled, both stubborn, friends adored them and siblings love t...
Nurtured Love (Completed) by Meraki18
Nurtured Love (Completed)by user08911564
'Girls don't just simply decide to hate their bodies, we teach them to' Meet Saachi Sharma who has been a candid example of body shaming right from her childhood. Enter:...
Aarohi (Completed) by Meraki18
Aarohi (Completed)by user08911564 a simple 23 year old girl living in a small town near Jaipur, India. She grew up with a loving father and a wicked step mother. a 30 year old suc...
Myra, a single mother and a leading Architect in construction industry. Being a single mother in a Indian society is very tortuous when her own family has disowned her b...
The Pain Behind The Smile  by reddd_rose
The Pain Behind The Smile by red
Meet Krishnaa Soni, senior manager of a famous marketing company. She fought all the odds and made herself successful. She is that vivacious soul who is consumed with da...
Call It Fate by Xeeroo08
Call It Fateby 008
Mayra Desai : A girl who was misunderstood from the very start. Her family broke Every tie and connection with her. she was abandoned at the age of nineteen, just beca...
Heal Me With Your Love✓ by ReaderDisha
Heal Me With Your Love✓by ReaderDisha
At times life brings you at a point where you can't control anymore. Either you fight the battle or you give up. This is a story of two people who were brought together...
Falling, Fallen | ✓ by meofcourse18
Falling, Fallen | ✓by meofcourse18
❝Not a guy who loves pineapple on pizza or prefers Pepsi over Cola! And certainly not someone who folds the page as his bookmark! Oh and make sure he does not use his ph...
Destiny planned this one for us (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
Destiny planned this one for us ( VPS
Dedicated to Pearbhi ❤️ The story is set about in the beautiful beach city of Mangalore... It's about love, simplicity, want, family values, passion, romance, jealousy...
Kyra (Complete) by LeeleeKez
Kyra (Complete)by Lily Orevba
He wanted her to say something, anything! Why was she agreeing to this? Why was she accepting marriage to a man she didn't even know? Why was she so weak, so stupid, so...
The CEO'S Possession.✅ by thegirlnextdoor7781
The CEO'S Possession.✅by thegirlnextdoor7781
Shreya Kashyap- She is a 21 year old mass communication student. She loves her career line and is dedicated to it wholeheartedly. She studies in a prestigious college i...
His Love by neets_2005
His Loveby neets_2005
"S-stay a-way! " she said fearfully as she took steps backwards. "Why would I do that? You're my fiancee. " he said as he moved towards her "I...
His Innocent Beauty  by aliya_annsari
His Innocent Beauty by Aliya Ansari
"If You're thinking that I have called you here as MY WIFE, then it is your MISTAKE. I don't have a bit interest in you. Here I've called you only so that you'll k...
Lost N Found by PisceanSpice
Lost N Foundby PisceanSpice
"Anu, there's no other way now. You have to go to Mumbai to handle this project." Anaira was expecting this. She didn't want to go to Mumbai. She had left so...
Hai Tujhe Bhi Ijazat by thebutterflyeffect_1
Hai Tujhe Bhi Ijazatby thebutterflyeffect_1
The last thing Abhimanyu Shikhawat needed was a young and inexperienced secretary, but when his secretary of 7 years decides to not come back after her maternity break...
Vaaste (short stories) by imlikett-
Vaaste (short stories)by imlikett-
A collection of romantic Hindi/Urdu stories. 🚨 Needs editing so if you are okay with incorrect grammar/typos then read at your own risk. 🚨No translations. Don't commen...
The Billionaire's Revenge ✔ (Editing) by SamreenAnjum
The Billionaire's Revenge ✔ ( Samreen Anjum
"I will never marry you." I said in a low voice filled with venom. He moved close. His hands moved to my waist. His hold was firm. His face was so close that h...
Warm Hearts by silverfeels
Warm Heartsby Hazel
(PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS BRIDE & PREJUDICE) Cliché alert! Highest Ranks:- #1 in billionaire, cute, India, Indian, marriage. In which Adra Seth makes Armaan Grover realise t...