Chapter - 10

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Aadhya's POV:

I was at the entrance waiting for my cab. I was checking my phone when suddenly I stumbled and was about to fall. When an arm wrapped across my waist stopped me from falling. Stabling my balance I thanked the person. When I looked at the person who saved me I was numb. Standing in front of me was the one and the only person who was my ride 🤭

I was just standing there in shock not knowing what to do. I was confused about whether I should be happy that he is here or mad that he did not respond to my call. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it again when nothing came out.

Seeing my battle he said, "I thought you would be happy to see me here." "I thought you were not coming," I said folding my arms. "Who said that? he asked. "I messaged you and even called you but you did not pick" I tried to justify. "But that does not mean I will not come" he explained

I looked at him confused not knowing what that means. "If you were coming why you did not pick up the call?" I asked. "If I would have replied to your message or picked up your call. Then how would I be able to see your this reaction" he said and pulled my cheeks.

Removing his hands I said "Are you mad? I waited for you this long. I could have gone home early." "Ok sorry, but I wanted to surprise you," he said.

I was fuming with anger because of his stupid surprise. Looking towards another side I concluded, "I am going home in my cab that is final." He looked sad and said "I said sorry. I just wanted to surprise you. I was waiting for you here for this long to just see your reaction. Don't do this to me. Please..."

He was in a way right. I was happy to see him and wanted to spend time with him. I decided and said "Ok but only on one condition." He looked happy and said "Your wish is my command beautiful. Your all conditions are accepted. Now shall we go?"

"But at least listen to the condition," I tried to reason out. "I said yes and now come fast let us go," he said dragging me towards the car.

Shaking my head I started moving towards his car. Reaching the car he opened a door for me. "Very chivalrous," I said. "Always for you my lady", he said closing the door. I canceled my ride and he came to sit in the driver's seat.

"So where we are going?" I asked. "Nothing just a dinner and then I will drop you home" he replied. He started to drive and the music in the car started.

Breaking the silence I asked, "How was your day?" Focussing on the road he replied, "It was good but after meeting you it is better."

With his reply, I started to blush and then realized I have not informed my parents. I dropped a message to my sister telling her that I will be late and to inform mom regarding it. I was busy typing the message when he asked "Whom are you messaging?" "Oh nobody just informing at my home," I replied.

"Don't worry I have informed your dad," he explained. Oh, that is the reason my family is not calling me else I would be bombarded with their messages and calls.

Not knowing what to talk I was looking outside the window. Finally, in 20 minutes we reached our destination. He opened the door for me and I looked at the building. I know this place is so expensive and the restaurant is sure the most expensive one here. I thought of changing his mind.

I looked at him and asked, "Can we go somewhere else?" "Why what is the issue here? He asked concerned

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I looked at him and asked, "Can we go somewhere else?" "Why what is the issue here? He asked concerned.

"Let us go somewhere else. I am not properly dressed to go inside. Besides I am not that hungry" I tried to reason out. He lifted my chin and looked into my eyes and said "You look perfect but tell me the real reason." I was shocked that he could read me so easily. I have a great poker face and no one can see through me. No one knows what goes inside my mind.

"It is very expensive and I don't think.." he cut me off by saying "I am paying and you are with me so don't worry. Let us just not waste more time."

I tried to argue with him but he kept a finger on my lips and said "Please for me." When his finger touched my lips a chill ran through my body. I don't know why my body was reacting to his touch.

I just nodded my head and he held my hand we started to move towards the entrance.

Author's Note

Did you guys like their chemistry so far?

I know this day is going long but please bear with me 😊

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