Chapter - 46

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Aadhya's POV:

I am sitting at the cafe for a meeting regarding an event for the trust. I was waiting for the clients to arrive.

I messaged Rudra informing him that I have reached the place. With Rudra, things are going well but our meeting has lessened. With me handling two things together and he handling the work. We try to make time for meeting each other but mostly it is on call only. He is an understanding person and never complains.

"Aadhya" someone called my name. I looked in the direction of the voice. There was standing the person I least expected to meet. It was none other than Rishi my ex.

I smiled awkwardly in his direction and he started to come near me. After meeting Rudra I never saw him. He was wearing white shirt with a blue jeans. He was looking different and I could say more handsome. Though he was looking handsome but I was not feeling anything which I feel when Rudra enters the room. My heart starts to beat faster my cheeks starts to become red and my stomach use to get butterflies. Oh god Aadhya focus girl.

All the features which used to attract me look normal to me now

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All the features which used to attract me look normal to me now. Reaching my table he said "Never thought I would see you here. By the way, you are looking different."

I raised my eyebrow at his statement and said "Hope it's a good different."

"Can I ?" he pointed to the chair and asked permission to sit. I looked at my watch and it was a few minutes more till the clients arrive. I was in no mood to talk to him but nevertheless, I shook my head in a yes.

"You are looking good. I mean glowing" he said with a smile. "I am happy in my place." I gave a simple statement. It was true since Rudra's entry into my life I started to feel happy. Now I am becoming a new and better version of myself.

He cleared his throat and asked, "you are seeing someone?" "Yeah kind of" I replied. I don't know how to describe our relationship and situation to him so gave him a simple answer.

"What are you doing here Rishi?" I asked him. I don't know but it looks like I still don't want to see his face in my life.

"Oh, I am here to attend my cousin's wedding. You know Naina she is marrying a guy from the south," he told me.

I looked at him with shocked eyes. "So kind of inter cast marriage and here I thought your family did not support it," I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Actually she is my cousin so my father's brother is ok with it not my father and mother" he tried to explain to me.

I laughed at his words and said "You are a bad liar Rishi. I am not hurt that you rejected me but feeling bad that you have to lie about it. I thought you were my best friend but the least you could do was be honest with me."

I straightened my back and asked "Do you have anything to say? Maybe defend yourself with another lie?"

"Okay fine. At first, when I said it was not a lie but maybe if I tried a little then they might have said yes. But you need to understand our relationship was not working" he said.

"We could have made that work. The only thing you need to do was communicate" saying that I looked at the message of the client that they could not come. I thanked God else my mood was already spoiled and would not have gathered the courage to attend the meeting.

"Yeah, but we were two different people. You were busy with books and you were too uptight. No sex before marriage, not holding hands in public, not going anywhere much. Plus your insecurities and all that were too much to handle. I don't want that person at that time in my life. I was a young extrovert person. I like to party, visit places and enjoy life. Not like you cuddle in bed and sleep. You were always afraid that will happen if someone found out about us. This was not me I wanted to be with a person who is carefree" he told everything he was holding up in one go.

"Maybe we never were enough for each other" I told him and wiped my tears.

"No no, it was old me. I was young at that time and always thought that life was all this. But now I don't want it. I want you to be back with me. Please can we have a chance together? " he asked with holding my hand.

I slipped my hand from his and said "Do you realize I am the same girl with the same insecurities and habits? They have not changed and I am still fighting each day. Do you think the new you will be able to handle it?"

Raising my eyebrows I waited for his answer but none came. "As expected and don't worry you don't need to handle it also. At the start of relationship, I cleared it to you this is India I could not go around doing things without being judged. We were not doing anything serious for which I would risk hurting my parents. Things were clear at the start and nothing changed. But I was wrong it changed we were never in love it was always infatuation. As soon as we started to live we liked it but when the reality hit we did one thing. Yes, stop communicating. You were busy with your own world that you didn't know I was also fighting my battles. I have lowered my standards too low for you. Maybe that was my mistake that I thought you would make some effort."

"But no you made none and deepened my insecurities. You made me believe that I was not good enough and will never be. I cried for you but you were not there. I begged for your attention but you gave none. I wanted you to understand but you pushed me away. You let me slip away," I wiped my tears which came remembering all those days.

"I" he tried to say something but I cut him off. "I don't need an apology as it won't matter. I am not blaming you may be I also lack some things. Maybe I was never enough for you. I know I had also given up easily. And I am not completely blaming you for this. I know it is my fault too. It is just we were just two people from a different worlds. We were never meant to be together. If we start something today I don't think it would last. We are better apart rather than together."

He just stayed silent and looked without blinking. "I think it's time for me to go," I said looking at the time.

"Can we at least be friends?" he asked.

"I will try but I can't promise. I think we both need space from each other to move forward. Maybe someday we can be back to being friends" I told him honestly.

I know I was being rude but I need to be at peace. For that, I need to prioritize myself. I don't think right now I am at a point where I can be comfortable with being friends with him. I am just healing from my past insecurities and having him back won't be good for me.

With this thought, I collected all my belongings and did one thing which I thought was right.

Author's Note

What do you think she did?🤔

I know readers I have not updated for so long but schedule has been really busy 😩 It is still the same but I took the time for all the people waiting patiently for this❤️

This is to show you guys that I appreciate your support and this is dedicated to you guys😘

This is to show you guys that I appreciate your support and this is dedicated to you guys😘

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