Chapter - 53

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Rudra's POV:

After feeding me breakfast Mom left the hospital. I was working from the hospital today. I avoided taking the calls from here as it might disturb Aadhya and other patients. Though we are in private war but I don't want to disturb the decorum of the hospital.

I just completed the work which was left and the rest meeting were canceled. Only urgent meetings were handled by Dad. In that also I gave him a brief idea of what needs to be done and discussed. I don't want to pressure anyone because of my absence.

Things were working smoothly in the office and hospital. Aadhya's health was the same but the positive point is that it was not deteriorating. I am just hanging there with a thread of hope that she will wake up. That hope is making me live forward in my life.

My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. "Yes Sophia" I answered.

"Sir Mr. Sinha wants to meet you urgently regarding the deal. I tried to talk to him but he is adamant about it. What should I do sir?" she asked. I can sense the fear in her voice but I can't scold her for this. I know that man is a very tough nut to crack and I can't blame her to convince him. The deal is important to me but not more than the person laying there.

I took a few deep breaths and said "Call Dad and see if he can handle it. If not ask him to cancel the deal I am not interested. If he can't respect my situation it's best that we let go of the deal."

"Ok sir and sir one more thing she will be back with us. Don't worry" she said genuinely. Sophia and I work together but never share any bond between us. We don't talk about each other's personal life and respect each other's personal space. Aadhya and Sophia started having an interaction when Aadhya started coming to my office. They both share a good bond. According to Aadhya when she is not around me she has given Sophia to handle me. They use to text each other if I ate or not, whether I am stressing about work or not, and so on. I am happy that Aadhya is not only being comfortable with my family but also with the people I work with.

"Thank you Sophia and take care" saying as I cut the call. Oh God, this girl right there has changed me completely. From being an arrogant boss to a soft-hearted boss. I can't lose her. Please bring her back to me.

A knock brought me back from a conversation with God. I looked towards the door to see who it was. It was none other than the family of Aadhya. Finally, they got time to see their daughter. I wanted to throw them out but did against it.

"Come in Mr and Mrs Chaudhary," I told them while still sitting in my chair.

"How are you Rudra?" her dad asked.

"Fine as you can see," I told with a fake smile on my face.

"Actually we wanted to come early but Sikha has something urgent in her college. So we could not come early" he told me some lame excuse. Like seriously man your daughter was fighting for her life and you wanted to attend some college function.

I closed my hand in a fist and said "No issues Mr Chaudhary." I just gave the simple statement and don't want to create a ruckus here in the hospital.

"Can we meet her?" her mom asked. I just nodded my head in a yes.

"Rudra, are you ok?" Shikha asked me. The way she came towards me and touched my shoulder I hated it.

"Yes, I am fine. Go and see your sister" I told her to make her leave.

"Dad and Mom are there for her. I can help you with the stress" with that she squeezed my shoulder. What the hell what this woman trying to do?

"No my stress will go away when your sister wakes up" with that I removed her hands from my shoulder.

She wanted to say something but I said "You guys can meet her. I will be back in a minute."

With that, I left the ward to get a coffee. I seriously can't handle them. I needed some time away from them. I will try to send them away fast.

I came in the cafeteria and ordered a black coffee for me. I could have brought something for them too. But the way they were behaving it's better they leave fast. I don't want to lose my calm and do something which I regret.

After taking my coffee I sat on the table and dialed Sophia's number to take a few updates. It was better for me to stay away from them.

It took me around an hour before I decided to go to Aadhya. I reached her floor and entered her ward.

Seeing me her mom said, "Rudra you are back." I can sense some tension in the air but I shrugged it off.

"Yeah, and I think you guys can leave. You can come again if you want to meet her" I added the last statement in order to not sound rude.

"Actually we have to talk to you about something," this time it was her dad.

"Yeah sure," I told them.

"We had our talk with the doctor. They told us about her condition and thought to discuss it with you first" her mom told me.

"What is it?" I asked getting impatient.

"Actually the expense will take a toll on our wealth and there is no guarantee that she will wake up. We thought to shift her to the common room and in a few days if she does not show any signs we can take her to our home" her mom suggested. I don't know why they are talking this shit about it because they have not paid a single bill till now. Plus I don't need their money she is my responsibility.

When I did not say anything her mother continued "Don't worry we know why you said yes to marry her. There is Sikha you can marry her and make her your wife. I guarantee you she is way better than her." I was just holding my hand in a fist.

I was about to say something but was interrupted by a beeping sound.

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