Chapter -7

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Rudra's POV

My eyes opened and I looked at the clock it was 5 in the morning. Usually, I wake up around 7 but today I woke up before the alarm could even ring. I just got up from bed and went for a walk After having a good one-hour run I went to my room and started to get ready for my day. Throughout my run, one thing that was running through my mind was who that girl would be? Can I really find my soulmate? I do believe in love as I have seen my parents and my brother be deeply in love but I do believe that it is not meant for me. I have lived my life happily. I have dated a few girls but we both know it was never love. I do not believe that I am capable of loving someone. Being rich and famous I was always surrounded by girls. Never in my life, I have chased anyone. When I was younger I always wanted what my parents have but growing old I realized that may be it was not for me.

I came out of the shower and started to get dressed. I have a meeting today and after that, I will join my parents to go to meet the girl which they have chosen. Today I have decided to wear a normal light blue shade shirt and dark blue pants. I choose it as it was professional and I could go to meet her wearing this also.

 I choose it as it was professional and I could go to meet her wearing this also

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(I imagined him wearing something like this)

I reached the hall and saw my parents having breakfast. "Good morning dad and mom" I greeted them. "Good morning son" my mom replied as she started to serve a plate to me. "Son where are you going we need to go somewhere today" my dad reminded me. "I know that I have a meeting after that I will reach there. You just send me the Address" I tried to assure him. My dad just shook his head and said "Ok but be there on time." "I know that" saying that I started eating my food. After finishing my food I bid them goodbye and went to the office.

At office

Reaching the office I was greeted by many employees. They just gave way to me and started doing their business. My employees fear me because of my personality. But at the same time, I have made sure that they are treated fairly in the company. I have learned one thing if your employees are satisfied and happy then productivity will surely increase. So my company focuses on creating an environment that is friendly and safe for the employees. This is the reason we are at the top not only in terms of profit or innovation but also in terms of providing the best working environment.

As soon as I reached my floor I said "Sophia is the meeting room ready". "Actually the meeting is postponed and they are waiting for you in your office," she said.

Opening the door of my office I saw two of my best friends Rohan and Rishabh one sitting on my chair while the other on a sofa. Shaking my head I said, "Why is the meeting canceled?". "Because our best friend is meeting the bride but we are not aware of it," Rishabh said dramatically. "Who told you?..." but I just cut my own statement knowing that my mother would be the one spreading the news. I continued by saying "Now you know so what you want." "We know how much you do not want to get married so we are here to know what's going in your mind," Rohan stated. "You know maybe it could be a good idea to just meet her and maybe she might be the one for you," Rishabh interjected. They both started laughing. I know they are enjoying my situation. "You know guys don't worry your time will surely come and then I will be the one enjoying," I said sitting on the chair. "Till then you will be married or still single?" Rishabh said trying to suppress his laugh. "You " before I could say anything Rohan interjected and said, "Guys stop this and let us discuss like adults. So Rudra what do you want to do?"

"I do not have any choice I have to go and meet her. You know mom is very persistent about this she says I have a choice to say yes or no but the truth is I don't have. So the ball is not in my court." I said looking at Rohan. "Maybe this is your destiny and you know if aunty is so determined about it then maybe she is the right girl for you," Rohan tried to explain to me.

"But you know I do not want to get married at least now." I tried to give him the reason. As I was about to continue Rishabh said "Then convince her to say. Ask her to give any reason like you are not good, you smoke or maybe drink."

We both stared at Rishabh and then a smile crept across my face. I knew this could work but I need to be good at convincing her. "But why she will say no to you? You are a perfect groom for her," Rohan said. "Then I need to make her believe that I am not the perfect man for her," I said.

"So I think we could continue with the meeting since our boy here needs to make a woman go away from her," Rishabh said playfully. Rolling my eyes we moved to the conference hall and soon the meeting started.

I looked at the time and it was about time to leave for me for their house. I came out of the office and set the GPS for the location. I have reached midway when my mother called and I assured her that I will be there. It looks that God also does not want us to meet as I am stuck at the traffic for the last half an hour.

Finally, after all this difficulty I reached the house. As soon as I rang the bell, a lady welcomed me.

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