Chapter - 38

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Aadhya's POV:

I was enjoying each moment with Rudra. There is always an adrenaline rush when I am with him.

We were almost about to kiss but damn the moment was interrupted. I was also interested to kiss him but at the same time, I don't want to disappoint him.

I have kissed Rishi before but he never said much about whether he liked it or not. There was never this chemistry that I had with Rudra.

I know Rudra has been with many girls and they were all models. He might have a great experience with them. What if he does not like it? What if he makes fun of me?

I came out of these thoughts when I felt someone kissing my cheeks. I noticed Rudra was standing there with our food in his hands.

"Where were you lost babe?" he asked and kept the food on the table.

"Nothing. When you came back?" I asked.

"When you were lost in the thought of kissing us," he said with a smirk on his face.

"I was nothing not thinking this," I told him. Liar my subconscious mocked me.

"Oh, I know everything. Now come here and finish the food" he told me.

I got up from the bed and went towards him. He pointed towards his lap directing me to sit there. I love how he pampers me so with no objection I sat on his lap.

"Open your mouth," he said. I looked towards him and said, "I am not a child."

"Yes you are my child now aaa" he showed me how to open my mouth. I laughed at his behavior and fulfilled his wish.

He started feeding me with the food. After a few bites, I took his hand and asked him to open his mouth. He opened his mouth and I fed him. Then we both started feeding each other.

After a few bites, my stomach was full so I said "I am full now. Stop." "Nope eat some more," he said.

"No please I can't," I told him. "Ok," he said agreeing with me.

Finishing our food I looked at the time. "I think it's time for me to go" I informed him.

He came towards me and close the gap between us. Looking into my eyes he said, "I wish you could stay here." I also wanted to stay here but I can't.

I peeked his both cheeks and said "Don't be sad. We will meet tomorrow."

He hugged me and said, "I know but still." We were embraced in each other's arms.

Our moment was broken by the ringing of the phone. I looked in my phone to check who was it. It was mom so I picked it up.

"Hi mom" I greeted her. Rudra was still holding me close to him. His hands were on my waist holding me tightly.

"When are you coming home?" she asked me. Rudra brought his face close to my neck and started to place kisses on my neck.

The proximity was anyways killing me and now his kisses. I could not gather the courage to say anything. I inhaled and tried to come out of his grip.

"Are you still there?" my mother asked getting irritated. I gathered all my courage and taking a deep breath said "Yes I will be there in an hour."

"Just come fast. Don't roam around like a homeless person" she said and cut the call. I felt bad that first, she spoiled our moment, and next she is just scolding me for nothing.

"Hey what happened?" Rudra asked me. "Nothing I am getting late. Let's go" I told him and pushed him away.

Without saying anything we moved to the car. The car ride started and nobody said anything.

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