Chapter - 54

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Rudra's POV:

I was about to say something but was interrupted by a beeping sound.

There was a continuous beeping sound and Aadhya was moving and twisting in the bed. Her eyes were closed but I think her heartbeat was raising. I rushed towards her and tried to hold her hand.

She was moving so much that it was becoming difficult to control her. "Doctor doctor" I shouted and pressed the button near her bed.

I was holding her hand and trying to calm her heart. "Babe listen to me, please. I am here please calm down. I am here for you try to listen to me," I was pleading to her.

Doors opened and finally, doctors and nurses came in. "Where the fuck were you guys?" I shouted at them for being this late. They should have come as soon as I pressed the button.

"Sir please calm down and let us check" saying that doctors started to check on her. They were saying something in their terms. I would have understood the terms if I was insane mind. At this time my mind was not able to process anything. I was still holding her hand and rubbing it with my thumb. It was a gesture that she liked the most.

"Sir you need to wait outside," one of the nurses said. "No I am not going anywhere" I shouted at her. I am not leaving her hand in this condition. I was holding her as she will disappear.

"Rudra try to understand and let us do our job," the doctor said. I just nodded my head in understanding and left the room.

I was waiting outside her room and pacing around like a madman. I was standing holding the pillar and my heart was raising.

"Rudra trying to calm down," Shikha said placing her hand in her mind. She was holding my hand and I was about to lash out at her. I just kept my calm because my mind was on her health.

She kept intertwining our hands and it was now irritating me. "Shikha please not now," with that I threw her hand away.

The door opened and a doctor came out. "Rudra she is stable now" I let out a sigh of relief. "I have told you guys that she can maybe listen to you. Don't make any conversation in front of her to trigger her. It wasn't easy to stabilize her. This is my warning to you guys. This time we might have saved her but next time we can't promise it," the doctor told me about the whole situation.

I just nodded my head in a yes understanding his point of view. "Try to have a positive environment around her. I hope that she will come out of it soon. The good thing about this is that she has started moving her fingers. It is a little bit but yeah something is better than nothing" doctor just put her head on my shoulders.

"Can I meet her?" I asked the only thing that I wanted to do right now.

"Yes, you can but remember what I said," saying that the doctor left.

I just went inside the room and held her hand. "I am sorry babe but please don't do it again. I was so afraid just don't do this again," I was saying her all this.

Her family came inside the room. I wanted to burst out at them for doing this to her. "Rudra she is fine" Shikha came again in front of me.

This was it she has dug her own grave. "Shut up. Will you for once?" I shouted at her.

"I just wanted to make something clear to you guys. I don't give a fuck about your opinions or your fake sympathy. I was respecting you guys because of the girl lying over there. But now because of you guys her health was at risk I won't give a damn about you people" I continued but my mom came inside.

"Rudra this is not the way to talk" my mom tried to calm me down.

"No Mom not this time. I was ok if they would have said something to me but not to her. I will bring the hell in your life if you say anything bad about her" I said to them.

"And now your concern. I don't care if she wakes when I am on death but I will still be waiting for her. I don't need your money she will be my wife and I will pay for her expenses. I don't care even if it cost me a fortune I will pay for it. So my dear mother-in-law please save your money for yourselves. And my dear mother-in-law don't worry I don't need your advice on my marriage. I know who is better for me and who is not," said the last line looking at Shikha.

"And you my dear sister-in-law remember to never touch me again like that. If you do then .." I told her in a warning tone.

"And last but not least my in-laws. Get out and don't think to come to meet Aadhya ever again, " with that I opened the door for them. I gestured by hand for them to leave. The look on my face definitely shows to not say anything and leave. They understood it very well and left the place without uttering a single word.

I sighed heavily and came to sit near Aadhya. My mom kept her hand on my shoulder and asked "What happened Rudra that made you so angry?" I told her story about them entering and saying stuff and how Aadhya's health became unstable.

After my story finished the only thing my mother said was "Oh God how can they be so cruel?"

"Ok leave all this stuff and let us focus on positive points" my mother tried to cheer my mood.

"Let's check if she will move her finger or not," my mother excitedly sat on the stool near Aadhya's bed.

"Now Aadhya if you are listening to me beta(child) try to lift your finger," with that she looked at her hand. We both were waiting for her to respond so kept looking at her hand.

Finally, she lifted her one finger up and down. Mom and I both looked at each other in shock. I did not know how to react.

Mom came towards me and hugged me. Then she went towards Aadhya and said "I am so happy beta (child). Keep fighting and soon you will be back with us." She kissed her forehead and then Aadhya raised her finger again. I think it was to show that she is listening.

A phone call disturbed our celebration moment and soon my expression changed as I heard the voice on the other end.

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