Chapter - 52

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Rudra's POV:

I just stirred in my sleep and saw my mom trying to put curtains on the window. I was holding Aadhya's hand in mine and slept by sitting on the stool. This was a private room and they provided a separate small bed for me to sleep. The first thing was I was not in a mood to sleep and secondly, I don't want to leave her side even in sleep. So I just sat on the stool and did my work on the phone while holding her hand. Holding her hand gave me a slight peace that she was with me.

"Oh you are awake," Mom said and came near me. "Go freshen up in the bathroom I have brought clothes for you," she said and pulled me from the stool.

Pushing me in the bathroom she said "Just give me some alone time with my daughter. I want to tell her important things."

I looked at Mom with an expression saying really? "What you can talk to her and say cheesy romantic lines. But I can't say to her anything because she won't listen," she said in a dramatic tone.

I sighed and left the room. I don't want to get into an argument with her on any silly topics. I did my morning routine and then took a shower. As soon as the water hit my body it relaxed. It felt so good after showering that now I was feeling all energized.

I changed and came out of the shower. I heard Mom saying "You know I never got to tell you how successful the event was. Every person who was present there was praising you. You really made me proud that day. I wished that incident never happened then we would have celebrated it. We even kept a small party for you to celebrate your moment." She wiped her tears and said "You know we all miss you but he misses you more. He is a mess without you though he was before also" She laughed at this and continued. "But yeah he is worst than before. I want you to see guys get married. Please fight with all the strength you have. I know you are listening to me so please do this for your mom. She is waiting to see her daughter smiling face."

"Ok, Mom now enough else your health will detriot," saying that I wiped her tears. "You know if your daughter will see you in bad health. The first thing she will do is kill me for not taking care of your health. Now do you want your innocent son to get killed by this crazy woman?" I asked her.

She laughed and slapped my shoulders. "Shut up she is such a sweetheart and you my son are not innocent in any way," she said in a playful tone.

"What is your plan for today?" Mom asked.

"Nothing much Mom. I will be working from here today. I just want to be with her and try to manage things in the office from here" I told her. I don't know why my gut feeling was saying to stay with her today. There is some easiness I feel when I think about leaving her.

"You know Dad and your brother can handle business for you. You can take some time off from work" Mom suggested.

I sighed and said "I know you guys are there and I will surely tell you when I need them to take over. Plus big brother is already busy with his work and a new baby is also on his way so it's better I handle this stress. For Dad, he can rest for now but I will inform him when he needs to attend any important meeting."

"Beta (son) for once you can rely on us. I think" she wanted to continue but I cut her off. "Mom work is just the distraction from the whole situation" I finally admitted. A lone tear escaped my eye.

Mom just hugged me and holding her I just cried like a child. "Mom please tell her to get up. I don't know what wrong she has done that she has to suffer this much. You know she was excited about the event and at the same time nervous that she would mess up. Her day was ruined. At the party, I thought to propose to her for marriage and then announce to the world that she was mine. It could have been laying on that bed but this stupid girl took the bullet like it was some TV serial. She always used to say that she trust me with her life. But I broke her trust. I could not protect her mom" I cried and vent out everything inside me.

"Can I not have my happy ending Mom?" I asked her.

"You will have your happy ending my child. You will grow old with each other and have little you and her running around. You both have a whole life together. She is fighting there for us just don't lose hope for her. Stay strong for her. You know she hates when she sees you crying. Now stop crying and get up. There is much work we need to do. We need to give her justice and put the people behind bars" I just nodded in a yes at her determination.

"Now come on I have cooked breakfast for you," she told me and started serving me.

"Mom not this much I am not hungry" I stopped her from serving more.

"Aadhya are you seeing this? How careless he is becoming? I don't know how you used to tolerate him. God child get up otherwise my hair will grow seeing his tantrums" Mom said looking at her.

I rolled my eyes at her and said "First of all Mom it is not a tantrum I am not hungry. Secondly, your hair is grey and you are just covering it."

She huffed in anger and said "That is also because of you. The stress you have given me I can't believe sometimes how I handled you."

"Mom please I was the most obedient child you could ever have" I took a bite of the pohaa.

"Yeah you are obedient in the same way as I am the queen of England," she just took and put another spoon on my plate.

"And which my child both is untrue," she said and kept her things aside.

"Such a dramatic mother-in-law you Aadhya. Sorry that you need to bear her" I said playfully.

"Oh shut up. She is so grateful that she has otherwise her boring husband would have surely made her life hell boring," saying that she started laughing.

I just glared at her and ate my pohaa. "I want peace Mom," I told her trying to sound angry.

"Yeah yeah. I know the truth hurts" she said laughingly.

"Mom" I warned her. She raised her hands in surrender and said "Ok ok fine. Eat your food Mr. angry man."

With that, I ate my food in peace and started doing my work.

Author's Note

Hello lovely reader🙋‍♀️

Surprise update for you guys😍

Do you like the chemistry between the mom and son duo?🤔

What do you think will Aadhya agree to her mother in law opinions about Mr boring?😅

What do you think will Aadhya agree to her mother in law opinions about Mr boring?😅

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