Chapter - 26

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Aadhya's POV:

Today is the day of the month that I hate the most. Every girl can relate to me. Yup, it is the first day of my menstrual cycle. These period cramps are killing me today.

I have taken leave today because I could not get up. Almost every month the pain is the same but few months the intensity is really high that I can't bear it.

I am lying in the bed since the time I woke up. I had my breakfast and came back to my room. I have tried everything to distract myself but no help. I tried sleeping but could not sleep.

I am checking my phone when Pihu (Rudra's sister-in-law) messaged me to meet her. She wanted to go shopping for her baby which is on his way. She is almost 4 months pregnant. She is blessed with a good body. Her 4 months pregnant body is the same as my body when I eat a lot🙄

I declined her offer and told her the reason because I don't want to offend her. I know she is sweet and she won't mind if I did not give her the reason also. She messaged me to take care and will reschedule it for some other day.

My phone rang and I saw Rudra face-timing me. I checked my appearance and picked up the call. He was in his office and his eye bags could be seen. He is finding it hard to manage between the two companies but he does not complain.

"Why you are not in the office?" he asked me and positioned his phone for support. "Told you I am not feeling well" I don't want to tell him the reason. I am not shy to talk about periods but I am also not someone who will scream and tell around each and every person.

"But what happened?" he asked and continued with his work. "Will you come today?" I tried to deviate from the topic.

"Don't deviate from the topic but it will depend on time. Now have you visited the doctor?" he asked. "No it is nothing serious," I said and a cramp hit me. Oh God are they listening to me? Like seriously I can feel my blood coming out.

"I know you are in pain. I will send my doctor" he said and picked up his phone from the desk. "No need it's just periods" I finally said it.

"Oh Do you need anything?" he asked again. I wanted to scream yes but just shook my head saying no. "Ok, you take a rest and have lunch. I will call you later" he said.

With that, we ended the call. After some time I went to have lunch since I am alone at home. I heated the food which was already cooked. I set the microwave timer and the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and saw Rudra's driver Shankar standing there. "Namaste uncle I was not knowing you were coming," I told him and gestured for him to come inside. In a few meetings, I got to know about him. He is around the age of 60 years. He is with Rudra since he joined the business. He is like family to him and he respects him a lot.

"No beta (child) Rudra has sent this parcel for you and I will be leaving" he gave the parcel to me. "At least have some tea or coffee?" I asked him. "No thank you. I will be leaving," he said and went to the car.

Closing the door I went to the kitchen and closed the microwave. I opened the parcel and it was a pack of chocolates, ice cream, and some snacks. There was a note which says "I can not say I can feel the pain you are having right now nor I can ease it. Sorry, I can't be present there with you but these gifts are for you. Hope it helps to ease the pain :)"

My eyes were filled with tears after reading the message

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My eyes were filled with tears after reading the message. He is so sweet and I can't thank him enough for the gestures. I have always been the person for whom the gesture is important. I believe actions speak louder than words.

I clicked the photo and send him a message that says "Thank you for everything. Grateful to have you in my life😊"

He really has shown the gestures that no one has shown me. With him, I feel special and I know I am the kind of person who does not speak much. But I am really grateful to have him.

"Anything for you beautiful❤️" he messaged back. After having lunch I went back to my room. I was in no mood to do anything so I slept.

There was a knock on my door. I opened it and my mom was standing there "We are planning to go for dinner outside. You also get ready in 30 minutes" She said.

I was in no mood to go because of the cramps so I just declined her offer. "What will you eat? I have not cooked anything" she informed me.

"Mom I will cook something you go and enjoy," I told her. She rolled her eyes and said "Like you have a choice to cook. Don't eat Maggie much else you will gain more weight."

I hate when she taunts me for gaining weight and not knowing how to cook. "Mom I will prepare something. I don't want to go" I said with teary eyes.

"You always have to show tantrums and spoil our mood" saying that she left the place. I closed the door and sat on my bed.

I started to cry and could not control myself. Damn these mood swings are making me go crazy. I am never the person who cries in front of others. Since childhood, I was always been judged about my appearance, behavior and I guess everything I do.

I felt bad because mom was not ready to understand my situation. I was in pain and they did not even plan it with me. They just ordered me to come. She just assumed that I was doing a drama.

I always console myself that I will not cry over these things but eventually I end up crying. I went to the bathroom and washed my face.

My eyes were puffed and red. This is the thing I hate about myself if I cry for a few minutes it becomes visible on my face.

After the crying session, I was in no mood to eat something. My stomach is full of the taunts given by mom.

So I decided to lock the room since they would have locked the house from the outside. I can sleep easily and there was no need for me to wait for them. As if they care my mind said. With that thought, I closed my eyes and numb the pain which I was feeling.

Author's Note

Do you think Aadhya overreacted in the situation with her mother?🤔

I want everyone who has read the chapter to vote🤞

I want everyone who has read the chapter to vote🤞

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