Chapter - 40

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Rudra's POV:

We three headed for my apartment and we decided to take takeouts. As we headed to our place Kiara was sitting in the back seat with Aadhya in the front. She was busy in her own world while Aadhya was busy with her phone.

After a few minutes drive, we reached home. I went out and opened the door for Kiara and she pouted for me to pick her up. I picked her up in my arms while Aadhya was waiting for us on another side. We all went inside.

"Kiara let us change into something comfy and then we will be eating our dinner," Aadhya told her. She just nodded her head in a yes.

"You guys go and change. I will use another bathroom" I informed them. Without replying to me Aadhya just went and took Kiara with her.

It was becoming really frustrating about what I did wrong. I am just concerned about her. Is that really wrong?

I decided to take a shower and went to study to continue with the work. She was not in the mood to talk about it and I didn't want to have an argument in front of Kiara so I indulged myself in work.

I was too engrossed in work that I didn't notice that Kiara has entered the room. "Chachu," she said with her cheerful voice. I looked towards her and said, "Yes princess". "Chachi asked to come down for dinner" she informed me. "Princess you guys have dinner. I am a little busy," I told her. Listening to that she left the room calling for Aadhya.

I can hear them chatting and laughing as she did not close the door properly. I wanted to join them but did not want to spoil her mood.

I distracted myself with work but could not complete even a single file. I was so frustrated at the situation. I closed the files and decided to go to the couch and have some sleep. I turned and twisted a few times but sleep was not coming.

I huffed and then closed my eyes for a few minutes. Suddenly someone started creasing my hair. At first, I thought it was my mother so I started enjoying it. Then I realized where I was so I opened my eyes to find my girl. She was on her knees and her hand was still on my head. Her eyes held so much care that for a second I forget about the fight.

I quickly stood up from the sofa giving her space to sit as I don't want her knees to hurt. She stood up and sat on the sofa. There was still a gap for one person to sit. She brought the plate of food and put it in front of me.

"I know you are angry but please eat something," she told me. "I am not hungry. You guys eat your food." I told her without even glancing at her. She stood and came towards my side. She held her ears and started to do sit-ups. Doing that she said "sorry". Each time when was going down she would say "sorry".

I got up and held her shoulders stopping her. "Stop all this. I am not angry with you" I told her honestly. I was angry at myself for not making her understand my point. But my stupid self started to shout at her.

"Ok I know I overreacted and you were just concerned about us" she looked away. "It is just this childhood taunts of people which turned into trauma. When you scolded us I assumed that you also thought that I was not responsible enough. My whole life people back at my home said things like I am not responsible enough to do things or I am not the smart kid. They just assumed that I am a dumb kid and make fun of me. This was all done in front of me. They use to laugh at me and mock me. When I heard you it just triggered those emotions. I know you were being protective but at that time my brain just went straight to defense mechanism. It just reacted that way," she wiped her tears and turned toward me.

"I am so sorry for reacting this way," she said with tears still in her eyes. I just went towards her and hugged her. I stroked her hair and said "I am sorry for reacting this way and triggering your trauma but believe me I never said anything to mock you or anything. I just my protectiveness for you and Kiara that bring out the worst side of me."

She chuckled and said "I like you being possessive and caring but I overreacted to the situation

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She chuckled and said "I like you being possessive and caring but I overreacted to the situation. It is just all these trauma that makes me react this way."

I lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. "Promise me you won't let your past traumas come in between us. You will fight those fears away and be the best version of yourself. The version which I like the most."

"Promise," she said with determination. I kissed her forehead and hugged her again. I know for her to open up about her fears and trauma is difficult. But I love the fact that she is trying to open up and face them.

She broke the hug and said, "Come on now eat the food else it will get cold."

She dragged me to the sofa and we sat. "Have you guys eaten the food?" I asked her. "Yes we have and Kiara is in the bedroom watching her favorite cartoon. Now start eating mister," she said bringing food close to me.

"No you feed me with your hands," I told her. "Come on Rudra you are not a child. Start eating" she said irritated.

"No, I am not eating so now start feeding me," I told her. She just shook her head and started to feed me.

Author's Note

Hello lovely readers🙋‍♀️

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Due to my hectic schedule, I was not able to update the story😔

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Hope you like the chapter ❤️

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