Chapter - 39

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Rudra's POV:

The moment we kissed is still playing in my head. Her lips were like an addiction to me. She is like a habit which I know is bad but I can't leave her.

I am very much liking this bold way and I know it was all out of my comfort zone. But still, she is taking steps and doing things.

My thoughts were broken by a knock on the door. I changed my demeanor and said, "Come in."

"Sir your meeting starts in 10 minutes," Sophia informed me.

"Do the arrangements. I will be there are a few minutes." hearing that she replied with a ok. Closing the door she left the office and my brain went to the wallpaper of my phone.

How I wish I could go to her and spend some time with her. Hold her in my arms and kiss her fears away.

I know now she has become bold enough and fighting her battles on her own. I am really proud that she is doing this.

My thoughts were broken by a call and it was from bhabhi. "Hello devar ji (brother-in-law)" she said in her chirpy voice.

"Hello bhabhi. How do you remember me today? Is Aadhya not picking up your call?" I teased her.

"Oh shut up. Don't be this innocent. You also don't remember me now" she accused me.

I chuckled and said, "Now what's the matter?"

"Nice change of topic" now it was her turn to tease her.

"Kiara wants to spend some time with Aadhya. Can you plan something?" she asked me. I know Kiara can be adamant sometimes. She wanted to spend time with Aadhya and I know she might be fussy now.

"Have you talked to Aadhya?" I asked her. I know she won't say no but still, we can't take her guaranteed.

"Nope I thought to ask you first," she said.

"You can ask her then I can plan something. I really need to go to a meeting. I will call you once the meeting is over" I informed her.

"Ok Mr. workaholic. I don't know how I tolerate you" saying that she started laughing.

"Yeah yeah. I can say the same for you too." I told her and now it was my time to laugh.

"Now you are not getting late for the meeting," she said strictly.

I laughed at her childish nature. We said our byes and then I went for the meeting.

The meeting extended for three hours but my mind was surely somewhere. I checked a few times with bhabhi about the plans.

Since there was no reply from both Bhabhi and Aadhya so the meeting was becoming more frustrating.

After the meeting, I went to my office. Going towards my office I dialed Aadhya's number but it went straight to voice mail.

I dialed the driver's number and asked him to keep the car ready. Reaching my secretary's office I asked her to cancel my meetings for the evening. I have decided to take Kiara first and then go to Aadhya's office.

As soon as I entered my office two figures jumped on me. Startled by the action I lost my balance.

Coming to my senses I realized it was my two favorite girls. I was too shocked to see them here. Seeing them laugh makes my heart melt. 

They both were wearing the same dress of the same color and matched it with white color shoes. Their hairstyle was also matching. Both of them were looking adorable.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked them while still holding both of them in my arms

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"What are you guys doing here?" I asked them while still holding both of them in my arms.

"Kiara I think someone is not happy to see us," Aadhya said with an innocent face.

"Yes, you are right chachi. I think this was a bad idea," Kiara sends with almost tears in her eyes.

I can see they both are doing the drama. Such drama queens they are. I roll my eyes at their behavior and said "Stop the drama and I am happy to see you here. You guys are always welcome here. It is just a little shock to me. By the way, whatever stunt you pulled before could be dangerous. Plus how did you come here?"

"Stop these questions grandpa," hearing Aadhya say this that both of them burst into laughter.

"Aadhya I am serious. It is not a joke," I told her sternly. Because their safety and security are really my prime concern.

"Ok boss and I am not a child so stop treating me like that. Secondly, Shankar bhaiya dropped us here and bhabhi was informed about it" she told me and moved near the chair.

"Babe, you know my concerns and I know you are responsible. It is just my protective nature towards both of you that gets me" I told her.

"Ok," she said with a fake smile. I know she further did not press the topic for the sake of Kiara.

"Ok. I think we should head home. What say, guys?" I asked them. Aadhya looked at Kiara while Kiara just nodded her head in a yes.

Author's Note

Hey lovely readers🙋‍♀️

I am back. Hope you miss me😅

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Waiting for your comments😊

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