Chapter - 55

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Rudra's POV:

As soon as I picked up the phone and my expression change hearing his voice. "Rudra we found the culprit. Come to the police station we are waiting for you" Abhimanyu said.

"Ok, I will be right there" saying that I cut the call. "Mom, can you please stay? I need to go to the police station" I informed her.

"Ok but be safe," she said to me.

I just nodded my head in a yes and said "Call me if there is any emergency. Make sure not to allow them to meet her."

"Ok and now go," with that, I left the hospital. I went towards my car and started it. On my way to the police station, I was thinking about whom it can be. I made a list of people who it can be but nothing came to my mind.

I don't care who the person might be but one thing is for sure he will deserve a punishment. No excuse will be made for this and I will make sure of it.

On reaching the police station I parked the car in the parking lot. Then ran inside with my mask on.

"Abhimanyu" saying that I entered the cabin.

"Rudra" he addressed and we shook hands.

"Rudra the person who is responsible for this is in our custody. I will bring you the person but make sure to keep you calm" he told me.

"Abhimanyu don't ask me things that I can't do" I clearly stated. I can't control my emotions. Plus for the person who is responsible for the condition Aadhya is in. It is highly impossible.

"Let's go" saying that he took me in a room. There was a dark with minimum light. There was a glass window and across sat a girl with handcuffs.

"Do you know her?" Abhimanyu inquired.

I looked at her. She was wearing a green top and baggy jeans. She might be around the age of 24 years. Her hair was brown in color and her eyes were of a light brown shade. She was having a thin body and curly hair. After observing and going through my memory lane I replied "No"

"Are you sure you have never seen her?" Abhimanyu asked again.

"Yes, Abhimanyu why would I lie? I have never seen her in my entire life" I told him.

"Ok. She claims she loves you and can't see you with anyone. Her house looked that has some obsession with you. She was having a wall with all your photographs. She wanted to get married to you and the thought of Aadhya marrying you did not digest well. So she took this step" he told me the whole story.

"But wait my question is nobody knows who Aadhya is? We have not announced that I will be marrying him. No one in the family knows this. So the point is how can she know?"I asked Abhimanyu.

"Yeah, that actually she goes to the same college as Sikha. They were kind of close. She says she used to get all the information from Shikha," listening to his words my blood was boiling.

"I want to speak to her," I told Abhimanyu. With that, I went inside the door.

Seeing me she said "Rudra I knew you would come to save me. Now we both can have our happily ever after."

It was weird to see her excitement when I on the other hand has never seen her.

"I don't love you and will never marry you," I told her straight forward.

"Why?" she asked with tears in her eyes.

"I love Aadhya the girl you tried to kill. I can't marry you. Try to understand this. Heck I did not know you existed before all this" I told her. I wanted her to listen to me. I know it may hurt her but she should know the truth.

"I will kill her" she shouted and tried to free her hand which was tied with handcuffs on the table.

"No, you will do no such thing. Are you mad? Are you even listening to yourself?" I roared to her.

She started laughingly and said "You will be mine baby sooner or later. Don't worry I will free you from her black magic."

"Just shut up woman before I kill you from my own hands" I shouted at her.

The door opened and Abhimanyu came inside. He held my hand and dragged me outside. He saved the girl from being killed.

"Behave Rudra. I warned you about it" saying that left my hand. I snorted at his words and said "I don't care just make sure she never gets out in her life."

"Rudra try to understand we can treat her instead of keeping her in jail. We can cut her sentence short if you agree to it" he tried to make me understand.

"I don't care if she is treated or not. Just make sure she pays for what she has done. I am no saint that I will forgive her. Never in her dreams" saying that I left the police station.

I had enough of the madness for the day that I can't handle more. I know Abhimanyu will take from here and the rest of my team of lawyers will be following up with him.

Sitting in the car I checked my phone. There were 15 calls from Dad and 30 calls from Mom. Shit, I forget my phone in the car in a hurry.

My phone started to beat fast thinking about what might be the emergency. Keeping all the negative thoughts aside I dialed Mom's number.

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