Chapter - 43

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Aadhya's POV:

I decided to wear a navy blue suit with some embroidery in its dupatta. I kept my hair curled from the bottom. The makeup with it was minimum with just pink lipstick.

 The makeup with it was minimum with just pink lipstick

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Rudra came behind me and kissed my head. "You look breathtaking," he said with a smile. I blushed at his words and all the anger was gone just like that.

"It is very hard for me to control myself. Before I lose control let's go out" saying that he extended his hand for me.

I kept my hand in his and we started to go downstairs. As we were descending the stairs he squeezed my hands to show that he was there with me.

His assurance was enough to bring the confidence back in me. With a smile on my face, we went to greet them.

I tried to touch his mom's feet but she stopped me saying "How many times do I have to tell you to stop touching my feet? You are my daughter and daughters don't touch feet." Saying that she gave me a warm hug. Then I went to his dad and he said "you are looking so pretty. God bless you, my child." I smiled and he gave me fatherly hug which I always craved for.

"First let us eat then we can talk" my mom suggested. Then we went to have our dinner. At the dinner table, my mom glared me indicating to serve them dinner.

I decided to follow her orders when Rudra's mom said "Sit down and have your food. We will serve the food on our own. This is like our second home so stop the formality."

Following her orders, I sat and we all engaged in our dinner. There was always small talk going on between our parents. Rudra's parents tried to indulge me in their conversations too.

Being an introverted person I did not know what to say. So I just smiled at them and ate my food.

After eating our food I decided to help my mom with the dishes. Rudra and his mom insisted to help but I politely declined their request.

Finishing the dishes I went to the room and saw all of them sitting. I decided to sit with my mom but Rudra's mom interrupted by saying "Beta (child) come and sit with us."

I sat on the sofa between his parents while he was sitting on another sofa. "We are here to ask you something," his mother said.

I looked towards her and said, "Yes aunty." " I mean mom" I corrected myself. Yes, Rudra's parents ask me to call them mom and dad if I wanted. They gave me enough time to adjust to these new relationships. So I try to call them mom and dad whenever I remember.

She smiled and said "I want you to start handling my trust. Once the marriage will be announced you can take over."

I was shocked to hear her words. I did not know how to respond. "Firstly I don't know how to handle it. Secondly, I think bhabhi (sister-in-law) is the right person to handle it."

"Beta (child) your mom will be there to support and guide you at each step. This suggestion was given by your bhabhi only" Rudra's father explained to me.

"But I don't want to leave my job" was the only thought that came to my mind. Though I was not earning very high still I always wanted to have financial independence. This was the fact that I decided I won't adjust.

"You can continue with your job if you can manage both. At first, the work won't be much but later at some point it can become hectic too" Rudra's mom explained the situation.

Not knowing what to say I just kept quiet. "It won't be much issue. She would say as you say" my mom interjected our conversation. I controlled not to roll my eyes at her words. For her, it's always that you need to listen to the groom's side.

"No, she has the right to say. She should have her own opinion instead of blindly following us" Rudra's father told her.

I smiled that they were so supportive and my opinion mattered to them. "You can take your time and think about it," Rudra's mom told me.

After that, we had conversations about business and shopping. It was always our parents talking and of course, my parents appreciating Rudra. I was trying to smile and pretend to be involved but my mind was not there. My mind was making all the scenarios of the pros and cons of the proposal which his parents gave me.

My train of thought broke when there was a vibration on my phone. I peeked at my phone slightly and it was a message from Rudra.

"Your brain will burst if you don't stop thinking 😅 Stop making list and we will discuss it together👍"

A smile crept on my face knowing he knows me so well. I looked towards him and smiled looking into his eyes.

His message was enough to break my overthinking. I started to get indulge in the conversation with his parents.

"I think it's time for us to go" Rudra's father informed us. His mother also checked the time and said "Yeah let us go. Rudra, will you come with us?"

"Yeah mom I will also just leave for the penthouse" he informed them. I gave him an assuring smile telling him that I am ok and we can talk about it later.

I bid farewell to both of them and Rudra's mom dragged me away from everyone. "Whatever decision you will give we will respect that. No matter what just remember your family is here to support you" hearing her words my eyes welled up.

I just hugged her and said, "Thank you for saying this." For every girl, it is her dream that her in-laws treat her well. In my case, they are not only treating me well but also respecting my opinions.

"There is no need to thank us. We are very thankful to you for tolerating my son" she said and kissed my forehead.

I laughed at her words and said "I am lucky to have him in my life and thankful to him. It is because of him that I got to meet you guys."

"If mother and daughter talks are over can I also meet my daughter?" Rudra's father yelled from another corner.

"Stop being jealous" saying that we walked toward everyone. I hugged his father when he said "I don't know what you saw in my son but if he troubles you just tell me ".

I smiled and nodded a yes at his words. Then we said our goodbyes and soon their car disappeared.

Author's Note

Belated valentine's day guys❤️❤️

How was your day?🤔

How was your day?🤔

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